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Docusign IAM | Data Verification

Verify signer-provided information instantaneously

Streamline signer experiences and reduce compliance risk by verifying user-input information in real-time.

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A woman working in a sunny home office uses Data Verification
A notification in Data Verification prompts a user to verify a recipient's bank account to reduce the chance of mistakes.

Accelerate turnaround time and minimize errors

Validate user-input information against trusted databases in real-time to reduce Not-In-Good-Order (NIGO) documents caused by incomplete fields or errors.

A list of agreements  in Data Verification with the title envelope history includes information about the time and users for each agreement.

Reduce risk with trusted data sources

Maintain compliance with a comprehensive audit log that tracks envelope history and provides evidence of verification.

A notification asks a user if they want to connect LSEG Risk Intelligence to their Docusign account to automate their verification processes.

Automate verification processes

Eliminate manual verification processes that cost time and money downstream with packaged applications that work out-of-the-box.

A notification in Docusign Data Verification says "Verification succeeded" next to a green checkmark

Streamline signer experience

Confirm data instantaneously, eliminating potential rework post-signature and boosting confidence in information accuracy.

A woman uses Data Verification on her phone

Top Data Verification features

  • Real-time data validation
  • Robust partner databases
  • Audit log & certificate of completion
  • Out-of-the-box deployment
  • In-agreement signer notifications

Learn more about Data Verification

Blog Post

Improve Agreement Speed and Quality with Real-Time Data Verification

Data Verification will validate specific signer-provided data as it is being entered to make sure no fields are skipped and no errors are made.

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Verify User-Entered Data in Real Time to Streamline Agreements

Get a PDF overview of the benefits of Data Verification and an overview of which data can be verified.

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Ready to bring the power of Data Verification to your agreements?

Data Verification is a Docusign platform service. Our platform services connect and power Docusign experiences and help you drive business outcomes.

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