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DocuSign Signature Appliance & DocuSign Security Appliance

Solutions that provide flexibility and control

Designed for organizations in regulated industries such as financial services, insurance, life sciences, and the public sector.

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Hybrid cloud solutions

The DocuSign Signature Appliance streamlines the signature process for your employees by taking electronic signatures into your data center.

The DocuSign Security Appliance enables you to store DocuSign eSignature encryption keys behind your firewall for additional privacy and security control.

DocuSign hybrid cloud benefits

Maximize compliance

DocuSign’s hybrid appliance solutions meet rigorous security standards and certifications.

Get more flexibility

Meet your organization’s unique business requirements and challenges with hybrid and on-premises deployment options.

Leverage existing systems

Get up and running quickly with pre-built integrations for popular applications and services, allowing your employees to continue using the systems they already know and trust.

DocuSign Signature Appliance

The DocuSign Signature Appliance is a hardware appliance for on-premises or hybrid deployment of electronic signatures and storage of digital signature certificates. It streamlines the signature process, and helps you maximize compliance with regulations.

  • Pre-built integrations

    Keep your existing processes and infrastructure with pre-built integrations for authoring, workflow and management systems like AutoCAD, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint, and Nintex.

  • Key security certifications

    Rely on industry standard technology Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and key security certifications, including FIPS 140-2 Level 3, Common Criteria EAL4+, and CEN TS 419241 Level 2.

  • ID management system integrations

    Integrate your appliance with your Active Directory (AD) and other ID management systems to provide strong verification and signer management control.

  • Native file support

    Sign digital files while preserving the native file format after the signing process, including PDF/A, CAD files, and non-document formats.

  • Robust APIs

    DocuSign’s award-winning Developer Center supports SOAP, REST, and .NET APIs for custom solutions.

  • Professional seals

    Easily store and add a variety of industry-standard images or professional stamps and seals—like those used by architects and engineers—to your agreements.

DocuSign Security Appliance

The DocuSign Security Appliance is a software application for managing your DocuSign eSignature encryption keys in your data center. As an add-on to DocuSign eSignature, it delivers all the benefits of our cloud application, plus the security assurance of storing encryption keys behind your firewall, separate from encrypted documents.

  • Full eSignature functionality

    The Security Appliance utilizes the same core data encryption technology as DocuSign’s ISO 27001-certified encryption systems, while delivering the robust capabilities of DocuSign eSignature.

  • Multiple storage options

    You have the option to store keys in the appliance or in your Hardware Security Module (HSM).

  • Data encryption compliant

    DocuSign satisfies the stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, and security controls based on detailed criteria developed in conjunction with the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).


  • Install the DocuSign Signature Appliance behind your firewall and configure the system to work with your internal tools. To sign an agreement, your customer selects the “Signature Appliance” signing option in their authoring tool (e.g., Microsoft Office or AutoCAD), which is verified against your company’s ID management system. The DocuSign Signature Appliance generates their signature, using a digital signature that follows industry Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standards. Any changes made to the document after signing are immediately detectable by any of thousands of PKI-enabled document readers.

  • The DocuSign Security Appliance is a software application that enables you to store and manage DocuSign eSignature encryption keys within your data center—in the application or in your Hardware Security Module (HSM). It is a premium add-on for DocuSign eSignature, utilizing the same core data encryption technology as DocuSign’s ISO 27001-certified encryption systems, and delivering the same easy-to-use eSignature experience. Customers can design their security and maintenance processes around the appliance and are responsible for appliance maintenance and updates.

  • The DocuSign Signature Appliance is a hardware appliance for on-premises or hybrid deployment of electronic signatures and storage of digital certificates. It is particularly well-suited for security-conscious organizations or those that need to meet technical requirements, such as applying seals to native files or managing digital certificates. It is a distinct product from DocuSign eSignature, DocuSign’s cloud-based application and platform for sending and signing agreements.

  • The Security Appliance is an add-on to DocuSign eSignature for ultra-high security implementations that enables organizations to store encryption keys behind their firewall, separate from encrypted documents. The Security Appliance has no relationship to the Signature Appliance. They are two separate offerings and can be deployed separately or together.

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