Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While we gleefully await the plethora of candy hearts, chocolate, and other refined sugars bound to invade the DocuSign offices, there’s something we’re looking forward to even more: Our celebration of the friendships we’ve made over the years.

In our second installment of our Valentine’s Day blog series, we’re paying homage to our longtime companion, Microsoft. Our strategic partnership has made it possible to sign from your favorite Microsoft apps you already use — like Outlook, Word, Dynamics 365, SharePoint and more.

We’ve penned this brief thank you as a “hear, hear” to both past and future innovations:

Dear Microsoft:

It’s plain to see, it’s evident dear friend

Each integration has been time well spent

Updates, robust apps galore

From Outlook, Sharepoint, Word and more

Productivity leaps and soars

Signing digitally takes no time

We’ve got innovations of all kinds

Just one question left to chime

Microsoft — Will you be our Valentine?

Want to learn more about DocuSign + Microsoft? You’ve come to the right place.