Contributed by Allison Isett, Associate Director of Marketing at eOriginal. 

It’s no secret that electronic signatures and Digital Transaction Management solutions are becoming more broadly used across many industries; Several top vacation ownership companies have very quickly transformed their customer service and streamlined sales processes using three digital tactics: e-Signatures, Electronic Transfer of Records software and e-Vaulting together to exceed customer expectations and boost sales.

  1. Electronic Signatures: Offering a Sleeker Closing and Delighting Customers

Top national companies, including a top 5 resort company is currently enhancing their sales process by providing a better, quicker, more pleasant sales experience by providing them with electronic signature services, allowing customers, sales reps and financing teams to sign digitally using a dual iPad signing ceremony. Now contract signing is reduced from hours to minutes –Plus — their saving substantial costs on traditional paper based transactions.


  1. Electronic Transfer of Records: Expedites Deals!

Since the creation and transfer of vacation ownership contracts is a key business process, it was essential for another national resort company to find a legally binding solution that provided them with a complete audit trail through the life of their digital contracts and credit applications. Today, they have eliminated its slow and inefficient process of mailing paper contracts to clients and are now providing legally binding electronic access to customers and funders. DocuSign and eOriginal’s unique joint Digital Solution and the eOriginal Paper Out® process allows customers to export the original version to paper for states that may still require paper copies.

  1. Electronic Vaulting Services: Increases Revenue

Another top 5 resort's digital approach was to leverage a solution that would allow them to securely create, transfer and store all of their electronic contracts. Utilizing the DocuSign and eOriginal solution has allowed them to manage their financial documents electronically, so they are securely sent, rapidly received and compliantly stored. They've streamlined revenue by greater customer satisfaction and improved organizational operations.

There’s no need for Vacation Ownership companies to interrupt their customer’s fun by putting them ‘back to work’ signing paper contracts. Using DocuSign’s eSignature capabilities in conjunction with eOriginal’s eAsset® Management software, Vacation Resort companies can now provide a sleek sales experiences, gain superior transaction efficiency and boost revenue.

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