This weekend is the quiet before the Dreamforce storm. And while you may be a seasoned conference-goer, we’ve all fallen prey to the forgotten something when packing our bags and planning our agendas: Here’s a rundown of what you’ll need — from the most basic of physical possessions to the not-so-obvious agenda planning tricks.

The Physical

Take Charge: It’s obvious – and yet it’s not. We’re certainly no stranger to falling prey to the 9% (and rapidly dwindling) battery with no charger in sight. We recommend bringing not just a wall charger, but keeping several wireless chargers handy.

Party garb: It may be business during the day but with the vast array of soirees to hit there’ll be plenty of opportunities to step outside the boundaries of business casual.

Water bottle: Networking, learning, imagining, inspiring, and hitting session after session — it’s hard work. Remember to stay hydrated!

Business cards (both virtual and paper): Technically we shouldn’t be condoning the use of paper, but we’ll make an exception for the traditional business card. That said, at a digital-heavy conference like Dreamforce having a virtual business card is a huge plus. You can make them using services like bVcard, which allows you to create a downloadable, shareable business card in minutes.

Drones and prizes and swag, oh my: Looking to pick up a few goodies at Dreamforce? Come see us at booth #1833 to pick up some sweet swag, and swing by our developer booth #19 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to enter a raffle to win your very own drone.

The Virtual

Agenda Builder: If you’re still looking to fine-tune your Dreamforce session schedule or simply want to take a look at what’s available, check out Salesforce Agenda Builder. You can bookmark and enroll in sessions straight from your device.

Get Social: Social will be moving at lightning speed during Dreamforce. Want to ensure you’re part of the conversation? Follow these 5 tips for getting social at the conference.

Everything else  

Party Hardy: Decisions, decisions. Last year we had an aerialist who periodically danced her way down from the ceiling to refill champagne glasses. As for this year? We’re sworn to secrecy, but it’s going to be good.

While we’re partial to our party with Conga and Appirio, there will be no shortage of events – from brunches to happy hours to cocktail parties — a full list of which can be viewed here.

And there you have it. A small but mighty list to go over before you board your plane or hop on BART. We’re ready to work hard, play hard, and make it the best-ever Dreamforce. See you on Tuesday!