Starting a Movement: A Conversation with Microsoft’s Jacky Wright at Microsoft Envision [UPDATED]

Update: During Jacky Wright’s live broadcast surrounding women in tech, she placed the focus on driving a movement to provide disaster relief for Puerto Rico in light of Hurricane Maria. “My call-to-action, personally, right now, is about Puerto Rico. Let’s see how much, from a woman’s perspective, we can create a movement about helping those people in Puerto Rico.”  

In response to Jacky Wright and Angie Halderman’s call-to-action for Puerto Rico, the DocuSign IMPACT foundation will be double-matching employee contributions towards United for Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Fund, a project of Global Giving. Learn more about the Matching Gifts program here and about the DocuSign IMPACT foundation here. 

Original post published September 27, 2017: 

This afternoon at Microsoft’s Ignite/Envision conference, DocuSign’s Director of Global Alliances, Angie Halderman, had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of the Core Platform Engineering Unit, Jacky Wright. The interview was the highlight of our “Women in Business and Technology” series, which places the spotlight on female leaders, whether they are the sole engineer on the integrations team for Microsoft, or a digital lead in business and technology. 

A pioneer for pushing the envelope, Jacky Wright holds 'best in class' credentials globally from Andersen Consulting, to GE, to BP, to Microsoft. She is also widely recognized for her contributions to technology and diversity. When asked about the importance of diversity at Microsoft, Jacky responded, “Each and every one of us at Microsoft understand that diversity brings innovation,” she continued. “And leading by example is important. We embed it [diversity] in the culture.”

At this year’s Ignite conference, Microsoft held a “Women in Business & Technology” program, which featured a variety of female leaders speaking on tech career topics. But, it’s not just Microsoft that is impacting change throughout the tech industry. When asked about tactics to bolster diversity, Jacky said, “Leading by example is really important. All of us as leaders have to make sure that we do that. Diversity brings elevation...for every company, if diversity is not part of your DNA, it really should be.”

She also touched upon the road that led to diversity’s current place at the forefront of conversation in the tech industry. “In the beginning it was really really hard...Women pioneered but were hidden figures...Over the years, all the things I have done have been because of wanted to do something different, wanting to try, wanting to be transformative.”

When asked how others in tech could help further strengthen inclusion in the industry, Jacky responded, “When I've been at the table, I've been the only one at the table. And that was, I pushed the envelope. I think it's important we create movements. Movements build awareness. Movements move the needle and disrupt.”

Jacky’s final statement for all of you is that we can create a movement today by helping the people in Puerto Rico. Join us in the movement of aiding disaster relief in the wake of Hurricanes Irma and Maria by supporting United for Puerto Rico and spreading the word with #AllForPuertoRico. If you’d like to donate to this initiative and support those affected, please click here.

Watch the behind-the-scenes with Jacky Wright here.