Tech innovators and business gurus are due to flock to San Francisco to celebrate Dreamforce 2014.  The DocuSign Procurement team is spinning their wheels to welcome the who’s who in Procurement at our annual Advisory Council.

What might be the relation of Procurement Adco at Sales Conference?  Awesome story short: Salesforce and DocuSign live better together and we want to open the conversation with fellow Procurement professionals about the power of Salesforce and DocuSign together.  

Here’s a sneak peak at what we plan on chatting about. Of course, it’s all going to center around keeping business 100% digital with absolutely no holds barred.  

  • We’re Transforming Business: We know a bold mindset is essential. So what’s standing in our way of jumping from paper to digital?  For those attending, get ready to throw out all your thoughts, best practices, concerns, and anything that reinvents our view of Procurement.   
  • We’re Writing Our Own Business Future: What you thought was an institutional mainstay is just a myth! We own the evolution of business and it’s in our hands to lead the revolution. Ideas that can help impact and shape the future of eSignatures and Digital Transaction Management are going to be freely discussed. DocuSign leaders in attendance would take notes and drive actions towards materializing the ideas.


Come Monday, October 13th, we’re letting our creative juices sizzle and will emerge with the plan to help Procurement teams make a splash in any industry.

We’re excited to collaborate with you!

Learn more about Dreamforce by visiting our DocuSign Hub:

Planning on attending? Be sure to say hello to DocuSign at booth N1801 or Tweet us with the hashtag #DF14S