Have you ever dreamt of working remotely, saving money on commuting, working when and where it works best for you, and still having a successful career? Of course you have. Or, maybe you’re a startup and that’s your only option.

Cloud solutions like Google Cloud and DocuSign are making it easier than ever for businesses and their employees to achieve the perfect remote work style. One of our favorite businesses accomplishing this is InVision.

InVision, a business whose prototyping tool is changing the way companies collaborate on projects, boasts an impressive clientele that includes Uber, Twitter, and Salesforce. The company has more than 3,000 new user sign-ups each day and recently hit one million users on their platform. InVision’s success is even more impressive when you take into account that the company is, by definition, a small-medium sized business and has no real office space. InVision operates with a completely remote employee workforce.

So what is their secret to productivity? For the answer, look in the cloud.

To get business done, InVision’s remote workforce works together with DocuSign and Google’s cloud-based software solutions. They collaborate using Google Drive and Docs, communicate with Gmail, video chat over Hangouts, and use DocuSign for eSignature.

InVision Director of Customer Success and DocuSign power user, Lindsey Serafin, closes deals and speeds up her transactions with DocuSign and the Chrome Extension. “When it comes to our customer renewals and upsell opportunities, time is everything.  Before DocuSign, closing these contracts was an annoying process and took way too long. I would have to print out the contract, sign it, scan it back into my computer, and then upload it to send in an email.  The DocuSign Gmail integration cuts out all of those steps and reduces the time it takes to sign from 30 minutes to 5 seconds. I sign right from within the email in Gmail and the contract is automatically attached to the email thread. It’s the best thing ever.”

Install the Chrome Extension

DocuSign continues to put its customers first by giving them the choice to use DocuSign with the various apps they use everyday. Since the release of the DocuSign Chrome Extension in December 2014, we’ve heard from many small-medium business customers just like Lindsey at InVision. We’ve seen great feedback, a high volume of successes, and a clear desire from our users to make DocuSigning easier from Gmail. Our customers love the Gmail integration and the ability to quickly manage documents from their desktop without wasting a second.

Our fall release of the Chrome Extension includes enhancements to the Extension and incorporates customer requested features and UI/UX improvements to make it even easier to use. The Extension now launches directly from the browser and uses design elements from Google’s Material Design for a sleek and easy-to-follow user interface.


For extra convenience, we added a numerical indicator in the Extension Tray to inform you of how many documents you have to sign to help speed up the DocuSign process.


You will also find in the menu a link to go directly to your DocuSign account making it easy to access advanced features.


If you’re part of a small-medium sized business with aspirations of working remotely and/or more efficiently, check out the latest release of the DocuSign Chrome extension available now in the Install the Chrome Extension. To learn more about Google Cloud visit their site.