Hands-down, attending Dreamforce brings numerous benefits to your business.

But here’s a less obvious perk: For our out-of-towners, visiting a new city can make your conference experience all the more refreshing and memorable. There’s nothing quite like being a tourist– particularly in a vibrant and cultured city like San Francisco. At DocuSign, we’re firm believers in the work hard play hard mentality, which means by the time the last #DF17 session ends for the day, many of us are just getting started.

Looking for an experience that steps outside typical tourism?

We’ve curated the following list of restaurants, speakeasies and sights to see. Many are within a stone’s throw from Dreamforce — and even more importantly, provide a peek inside a lesser-known but equally captivating side of San Francisco.


Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Image credit: @LittleSheepHP

If you’re seeking authentic Mongolian Hot Pot, look no further. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is the best of the best. Guests are provided a full a la carte menu from which they may order any meats, vegetables, and freshly-made noodles of their choosing, then sit back and watch as their meal is cooked in an acclaimed soup base boasting 36 different herbs and spices. Want to learn more? Visit Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot’s website here.

The Cavalier

Image credit: SFGate

Hotel Zetta’s London-inspired brasserie was created by restaurateurs Anna Weinberg, James Nicholas and Chef Jennifer Puccio. Menu items include scotched duck eggs, lamb scrumpets, quail eggs mayonnaise, and grass-fed beef with bone marrow gravy. Count us in.

Mensho Tokyo

Image credit: @shono_menya

For world-class ramen, Mensho Tokyo is your go-to. Menu items include Tori Paitan (rich and creamy chicken soup with pork chashu, duck chashu, menma, kale, burdock, katsuobushi sauce) Organic Shoyu (clear organic chicken and pork soup, shoyu dare, pork chashu, duck chashu, kale, kale sprouts, chives, menma, nori) and more. Read on at mensho.tokyo.


The Hogshead Reserve

Image Credit: Thrillist

Tucked under The Barrel Room, you can access The Hoghead Reserve by heading to the back of the wine store and descending an inconspicuous stairwell. At the bottom, you’ll find a former bank vault-turned dimly-lit, couch adorned room. Candles, black walls, spirits and chess sets complete the picture.


Image credit: Thrillist

Looking for an elixir to cure what ails you? This apothecary-inspired room sits in the basement of The Devil’s Acre. Head down the hidden stairwell, and Dr. Sass and Dr. Cholin will be sure to whip up one of their world-class remedies.

Bourbon & Branch (+ The Ipswitch)

(our personal favorite)

Image Credits: Inside Scoop SF, Paste Magazine

What you may know about SF’s speakeasy of all speakeasies: It’s ambiance is a powerful throwback to the roaring 20s, all spirits are hand-selected, and each morning, the bartenders make a trip to the farmer’s market to select the very best produce for their Market Fresh Cocktails.

What you may not know: Bourbon and Branch isn’t just one speakeasy — it has five different hidden bars inside — from The Library to Russell’s Room to our favorite bar-within-a-bar: Wilson & Wilson.

Although you didn’t hear it from us — Wilson and Wilson, for all intents and purposes, is a “Private Detective Agency” currently working on the case of missing person Ms. Lorraine Adeline Wilson — who was last seen in 1932.

What you probably don’t know: A trap door leads to Bourbon & Branch’s most mysterious bar of all: The Ipswitch. We’re tentatively counting this as the extra 1/2 way to experience SF like a local — because in truth, only a lucky few get in: This basement room once served as an actual speakeasy from 1920-1933. For tricks on how to snag a seat at The Ipswitch, check out Thrillist’s insider’s guide to Bourbon & Branch: “Every Single Room in Bourbon & Branch (Even the Secret Basement One!)


Clarion Grafitti Alley

#DF17 is no doubt an intellectually stimulating event — but why stop there?  Taking in works of art is known to refresh our minds and increase our creativity.  Head to the Mission District,  and stroll through this long stretch of works by local San Francisco artists.

Dandelion Chocolate

Since you’re already in the Mission District, feel free to set up your laptop/tablet with a hot mug of fresh cocoa or mocha in this industrial-style chocolate café. Not a bad choice to network with peers you’ve just met at Dreamforce

Washington Square Park

Conferences can get tiring and sometimes you just want to relax with peers you’ve just met or with your colleagues. Why not take your work to the park? You’ll get a view of the beautiful cathedral, soft grass, and food all around for your pickings.

See you in San Francisco! To learn more about what we’ll be up to at Dreamforce, click here.