This is a big week for DocuSign – and a big week deserves big news.

First, it’s a big week because tomorrow we officially kick off DocuSign MOMENTUM ’16 in San Francisco with our annual partner summit. Strategic partners from around the world have flown in to join us for the week. And Wednesday will see us opening DocuSign MOMENTUM’16 proper.

There will be keynotes from our two most senior execs – Chairman and CEO Keith Krach and our President of Field Operations Neil Hudspith. Attendees will also hear from some of highest-profile execs in the industry – including HP President & CEO Meg Whitman, T-Mobile COO Mike Sievert, retired President and CEO of McDonalds Don Thompson, Chairman and CEO of Equifax Rick Smith, EVP and CFO of McKesson Corporation James Beer, and Uber Head of IT Shobhana Ahluwalia, to name just a few.

And second, we wanted to share big news about the growth of the DocuSign Global Trust Network – and they are numbers we’re thrilled about.

As of last week, we now have more than 225,000 customers and 85 million users generating nearly 950,000 transactions per day around the world – that’s up from 100,000 customers and 50 million users respectively just one year ago. That’s triple digit growth!

What’s more, almost 85% of those users complete digital transactions in less than one day via DocuSign, with more than half doing it in less than 15 minutes – a tremendous advantage over paper-based processes. Could you review, print, sign, fax and confirm delivery of documents in less than 15 minutes? I know I probably couldn’t.

Sitting down to talk with Krach about the numbers, it’s clear that eSignature and Digital Transaction Management (DTM) are still front of mind for execs around the world. Krach says that in the past twelve months alone, every CEO he’s met with has had digital transformation in their top three initiatives – and for many it was the #1 priority. What’s even more interesting is the vast majority see DocuSign as the first step in their digital transformation.

According to those customers, DocuSign is the catalyst to go digital for three reasons:

  1. The value proposition is easily quantifiable, improving both the top and bottom line.
  2. Before they can launch their big projects like analytics, big data and artificial intelligence, customers say that the paper element of their business processes stands in their way – they have to get rid of it as much as possible
  3. It can be used as a cultural win to demonstrate success and gain momentum

Krach said a customer recently summed up the importance of getting started with DTM and broader digital transformation. “They told me, ‘In order to steer a ship, it has to be moving. And DocuSign gets us moving’,” he said. In a new world of business where speed is more important than size, that’s crucial.

Looking back at the numbers again, DocuSign’s hyper-growth is driven in part because the technology positively impacts nearly every area in which companies are measured: revenues, efficiency/cost, security and compliance, customer experience and sustainability.

It is also being driven by enterprises across industries – including financial services, insurance, healthcare and life sciences, real estate, higher education, high tech, communications and media, manufacturing, travel and tourism, government and public sector, and non-profits, among others – using DocuSign’s DTM platform to automate processes and workflows for easier, faster, more convenient and secure all-digital transactions.

Let’s look at some of the specifics:

  • Total Number of Companies: >225,000
  • Total Number of Users: >85 million
  • Average Number of New Users Per Day: 85,000
  • Total Number of Countries Where DocuSign is Used:188
  • % DocuSign Transactions Completed in <15 minutes: 51%
  • % DocuSign Transactions Completed in <30 minutes: 57%
  • % DocuSign Transactions Completed in <60 minutes: 62%
  • % DocuSign Transactions Completed in <1 day: 84%

“We measure our success by our customers’ success,” said Krach. “Although we’ve just begun to scratch the surface, we believe that all successful organizations will be fully digital by the end of the decade. The move to make every decision, approval, workflow and signature 100% digital has become inevitable.”

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