In a guest blog post last week, Erika Cheley from Microsoft’s State and Local Government team offered her insights on the value Microsoft customers find from implementing DocuSign with Office 365 and SharePoint.

As mentioned during Erika’s blog post, there are three key benefits of the DocuSign and Microsoft partnership for government customers:

  • Eliminating paper

Employees can remain completely within the Microsoft environment while initiating and completing forms and transactions.  There’s no longer a need to resort to paper when an employee can draft an agreement in Microsoft Word and seamlessly send the document for signature from within the application thanks to the DocuSign integration.

  • Achieving true mobility

Employees and citizens can conduct business on any device, anywhere, at any time.  Employees can start working on a document on one device and pick up exactly where they left off on another device; and employees and citizens no longer have to be physically present to submit a form or sign an agreement.

  • Ensuring trust

When documents contain highly sensitive information, you can’t afford to take risks.  Protecting personal data is government’s top priority, and it’s the top priority for DocuSign and Microsoft as well. DocuSign and Microsoft both take a comprehensive approach to ensuring security, privacy, compliance, and enforceability of your transactions.

On February 11th, Erika and I will host a webinar where we’ll further explain the benefits of the DocuSign for Microsoft integration, demo the solution, and provide concrete examples of the ROI government customers are seeing.  Register for the webinar today. As a sneak peek of what you’ll learn, here are stories of two customers who are seeing the benefits of DocuSign and Microsoft:

Nevada Department of Transportation

For the Nevada Department of Transportation, achieving true mobility is what unlocked value.

Nevada is a big state and it has lots of undeveloped space.  Because of the size of the state, the Nevada Department of Transportation frequently relies on employees working on the road or from remote field offices.  Paper-based construction contracts often meant waiting days for an employee to return to his home office.

Implementing DocuSign alongside Microsoft eliminated this obstacle Across all contracts, the Nevada Department of Transportation has cut the average time for contract completion from 50 days to less than 5, and they’ve also won a good governance award for shortening the contracting cycle.

South Carolina Department of Transportation

At the South Carolina Department of Transportation, eliminating paper was the goal but ensuring trust was an absolute requirement.

SCDOT needed a solution to reduce paper waste, eliminate inefficiencies and track documents throughout the process. DocuSign seamlessly integrated into the SharePoint environment and provided a scalable solution that accelerated transactions while ensuring 100% compliance with sign-off requirements.  SCDOT was able to start by rolling DocuSign out to 200 internal engineers before expanding first to 400 users, then to 800, and ultimately to 3,000 users including external engineers and other departments such as HR.

Looking forward to e-meeting everyone on the webinar next week.

  • Matt Ketchum, Director of Marketing for the Public Sector at DocuSign

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Interested in hearing more about customer implementations of DocuSign for Microsoft?  Register to join Erika and me on February 11th for our webinar.