By Chris Koch, Director of Customer Success at Conga

Think about the tasks you perform in your average work week. How much of your time do you spend working with documents? Whether it’s preparing a quote for a new lead, creating a presentation for the executive team or sending invoices to your customers, documents are an integral part of how we do business. Despite the fact that we are said to be moving towards a paperless society, the average U.S. office worker uses approximately 10,000 pieces of paper every year to create all types of documents.

From proposals and contracts to activity reports, direct mail and shipping manifests, almost all of these documents rely on business data that resides in your CRM solution. A majority of these documents utilize a template so that the author can just update a few data points, rather than create the document from scratch every time. But without the ability to automatically merge information from your CRM directly into these templates, the manual process is still the primary method for generating documents.

As any tenured customer can tell you, getting data into Salesforce is easy, but getting it back out and into a presentable format is much more difficult – especially if you have to do it repeatedly. That’s where Conga, a DocuSign partner and developers of the Conga Suite of solutions, including Conga Composer, comes in.

Conga Composer enables you to build sophisticated documents using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF Forms and HTML email that seamlessly pull in data from any Salesforce object. This powerful solution not only reduces the amount of paper used in document generation with digital options like PDF output and attach to an email or a Salesforce record, but also greatly reduces the amount of time your employees spend generating documents by making the entire process more efficient and scalable. Need to send quotes that show different pricing options based on what products and services are selected on the Opportunity?  With the click of a custom button, Conga Composer will automatically pull the data from Salesforce, use conditional logic to merge the correct pricing into an existing Word or Excel template and send it to your designated prospect. It can even attach additional supporting documents, such as data sheets, case studies or your company’s terms and conditions.

In 2010, Conga partnered with DocuSign to make working with documents that require electronic signatures even easier. Through this integration, customers can quickly generate a document, send it to the recipient to sign via DocuSign for Salesforce and automatically follow up if the document is not signed. For example, rather than spending hours creating detailed contracts and following up on unsigned contracts, your sales reps can click a custom button on the Opportunity to merge all the required information, send the contract and track when it’s signed electronically.

Today customers use the Composer to DocuSign for Salesforce integration to create a variety of complex documents that require electronic signature approvals, including:

  • Order forms
  • Proposals
  • Sales contracts
  • Partner agreements
  • Sales commission statements
  • Media insertion orders
  • Event and tradeshow contracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Internal HR documents
  • Bill of lading
  • W9s and W4s
  • Work orders
  • And much more

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About Conga

Conga is the developer of the Conga Suite of solutions for Salesforce. The company was founded in 2006 to help customers fully leverage their Salesforce data, and as a result, has rapidly built a fan base of more than 75,000 users, in over 35 countries, across all industries. Our flagship product, Conga Composer, is the most popular document generation and reporting solution for Salesforce. The company is privately-held and based in Broomfield, CO with support teams in Australia and the UK. We love what we do, who we serve, and the difference our software makes in the lives of our customers and partners.