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2030: A faster, smarter world

The acceleration of digital tools and infrastructure during the pandemic has enabled us to do business from anywhere at any time. More of life and business is happening independent of time and place, fueling the anywhere economy. We surveyed business executives and consumers from 10 countries and paired their responses with econometric models and forecasts to examine the potential opportunities and challenges of the anywhere economy.

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DocuSign Economist Impact
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Here’s some of what was revealed

This report illustrates how the recent acceleration of work and life decoupled from place and time will continue to provide considerable benefits to people and business into 2030, and bring major shifts in productivity, diversity of the workforce and where work gets done.

  • The anywhere economy fuels increased productivity

    76% of executives in the US believe the ability to work at any time or place has increased productivity and efficiency.

  • A shift from urban to rural areas

    The anywhere economy is projected to create 2.6 million jobs in rural areas in 2030, with  860,000 of those in the US.

  • Diversification in the workforce

    67% of executives in the US reported that remote work has helped to diversify their workforce.

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