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Digitally redefine the customer experience

DocuSign for communications and media

Get to 'yes' digitally with your customers

Agreements are part of the key moments in communications and media businesses, such as when a customer establishes a new account. In an era of digital transformation, customers expect better than paper contracts or PDFs that need to be printed, signed, and scanned.

Deliver a mobile-first, on-demand experience for your customers and employees. Behind the scenes, your agreement workflows can be automated and connected so work gets done faster, at a lower cost, with fewer errors. You'll see a dramatic improvement in customer experience and operational efficiency, allowing you to deliver on the promise of digital transformation.

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T-Mobile delivers amazing customer experience with DocuSign

At the heart of T-Mobile’s Un-Carrier Revolution is an unwavering obsession with putting the customer first. T-Mobile partnered with DocuSign to create a mobile, frictionless agreement process within its stores. The result was increased conversions, reduced transaction times, and happy customers.
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DocuSign helps Comcast close more deals

DocuSign helps Comcast Business sales representatives close more deals on the spot.
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DocuSign for communications and media

Automate and connect your entire agreement process to deliver a superior customer experience while reducing costs associated with manual tasks.

From sales and financing to customer care, organizations are digitally transforming the many processes that require agreements or sign-offs—for example, truth in lending documents, clickwraps, and partner agreements.

The result is an ability to do business faster, simpler, greener, and more cost-efficiently, while providing a modern digital experience for customers and employees alike.

Featured solutions


Send and sign agreements with the world’s #1 electronic signature solution.

DocuSign CLM

Transform the contract lifecycle before and after the signature with automated document generation, collaboration tools, workflows, and an easy-to-search, cloud-based central agreement repository.


Capture consent to standard agreement terms with a single click.

DocuSign Identify

Choose from several enhanced identification options, including verifying government-issued IDs.

Featured integrations

DocuSign for Salesforce

Keep business moving forward when you access DocuSign functionality from within the world’s #1 CRM.

DocuSign for Oracle

Help your organization win by pairing Oracle with DocuSign to automate and streamline workflows.

DocuSign for SAP

Modernize your system of agreement with DocuSign and SAP.

Featured use cases


Let customers electronically sign on practically any device, in-store or on their own.

Business-to-business sales

Give sales reps back valuable time by empowering them to send agreements directly from customer relationship management (CRM) systems, including Salesforce.

Call and care centers

Give staff the power to take orders, collect signatures, and update customer records on practically any type of device.

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