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Online document signing made simple

More than a million customers and a billion users trust Docusign with their critical and essential agreements.

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Sign documents online for free in 3 easy steps

Printing, mailing and faxing documents is costly, time-consuming and wasteful. There's a better way to sign. Create a free Docusign account to upload, sign and return documents digitally. Even those received as email attachments.

  • An interface that allows you to upload image.

    Upload your document

    It's easy to upload Word, PDF and other common document formats from your computer or file-sharing systems like Google Drive and OneDrive.

    Upload Your Document
  • the Docusign eSignature interface showing how to add or remove fields.

    Add signing fields

    Select "I'm the only signer" then drag and drop fields to add your signature, initial, dates, or other custom fields to fill in.

    Try Drag and Drop
  • Graphic art of a signed document with Docusign.

    Sign it and share it

    Click send. Docusign emails a link for recipients to access your document. Once the document is complete, it’s stored securely for easy retrieval.

    Sign and Send

The simple and secure way to sign documents online for free

Permission slips, new bank account forms, lease agreements and more. You can sign almost anything with eSignature.

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A Global Impact

eSignature is good for business and the planet

Since 2003, Docusign has helped replace over 66 billion sheets of paper with digital processes. That adds up to saving over 7 million trees.

By choosing eSignature over paper processes, you join a global community of people taking steps to protect our planet.

Start with eSignature

Create a digital signature with ease

Personalize your online document signing by creating an electronic version of your signature.

The Docusign difference

Need a fast, easy and free way to sign documents online?
Electronic signing with eSignature is always free.

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    Sign a document online in minutes

    Quickly sign from virtually anywhere, at any time. And if you download the free Docusign mobile app, you can keep business moving on the go.

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    Create valid agreements

    In the United States, eSignature is legally recognized across most industries, including business and personal transactions.

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    Keep everything secure

    Sign with peace of mind. Docusign meets rigorous security standards and uses the strongest data encryption available.

Sign essential documents with a click of a button

Agreements play an important role in your life—from accepting a new job to buying a home and beyond. eSignature makes it easy to sign documents online for free, including: 

    • Offer letters

    • Healthcare documents

    • Insurance documents

    • Rental/lease agreements

    • Waivers

    • Petitions

    • NDAs

    • Sales contracts

    • Permission slips

    • Liability waivers

    • Financial documents

    • and more

What once took extra steps and a lot of time now takes minutes with eSignature.

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The secure way to sign and send documents for free

Keeping your information secure is our priority. Aside from meeting rigorous security certification standards and employing the strongest data encryption technologies available, we’ve also:

  • Invested in threat intelligence and cybersecurity

  • Dedicated an entire team to compliance

  • Committed to annual independent audits

Learn About Security

Trusted by more than a billion users and counting

The world's #1 way to sign documents online for free on practically any device.

  • 99.99%
    uptime for eSignature with no maintenance downtime
  • 1 billion
    users trust Docusign with their agreements
  • 180+
    countries have used eSignature for more than a billion transactions
  • 44
    languages that can be used to sign a document online
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Millions of Customers Agree

eSignature makes it easy to sign documents for free

Hear what customers have to say about using eSignature to sign documents online for free.

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Questions about free online document signing?

  • When you sign a document online, you’ll usually be instructed on how to place your signature when you open the app or site. 

    Once you’ve created an account, all you need to do is:

    1. Upload your document.

    2. Select "I'm the only signer".

    3. Drag and drop your digital signature.

    4. Save and share the signed document.

  • 100%. Once you’ve signed your document, designate your recipient(s) information when prompted. And, with Sign and Return, you can share the signed documents with as many people as you need to.

    To send your signed document, you simply need to input the recipient(s) information in the designated area of the pop-up prompt. With Sign and Return, you can share the signed documents with as many people as you need.

  • Sign and send back an unlimited number of documents for free. However, if you’re collecting signatures, you can only send three documents with a free Docusign account. If you want to send more than three, upgrade to a paid plan.

  • The Docusign mobile app for iOS and Android is a must-have  for every professional. Whether you’re using it for personal or professional purposes, having easy access to Docusign on your phone or tablet ensures that you’ll be able to:

    1. Sign and send docs from practically anywhere, on any device

    2. Skip printing, scanning or mailing docs

    3. Securely and conveniently store all of your signed docs in one place

    There are a variety of ways to sign documents online for free, however, they’re not all created equal. Docusign’s free document signing software offers a variety of benefits to users including:

    Ease of use. You can sign and send forms straight from your phone.

    Convenient and completely digital. No printing, no scanning, or mailing.

    Store and access forms later. Docusign has a multi-year track record of 99.99% availability.

    Saves time, money, and stress for business owners and contractors.

    Access a suite of other useful and integrated products such as Docusign Click.

    Free templates that allow you to create the forms you need quickly and efficiently.

  • Signing a document allows you to personally sign documents online for free, and then return them to the requestor.

    Sending a document allows you to prepare a document and then send it to recipients who’ll sign it and then return it to you.

  • You can sign almost any document electronically for free, including:

    Healthcare forms
    Financial documents
    Legal agreements
    Sales contracts
    Permission slips
    And more

  • Absolutely. Docusign is used by more than a billion people across 180 countries. With Docusign, you can sign agreements in 43 languages and send them in 13.

  • Protecting your data is our top priority. That’s why we offer world-class security and operations. Docusign takes a comprehensive approach to security to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, availability, authenticity and enforceability of your transactions.

  • Yes, electronic signatures are legally binding in the United States and in many countries around the world.

  • You can start using Docusign to sign docs online for free right now. If you’d like to upgrade to a premium plan, which gives you access to more features and functionality, you can check out premium plans and features.

  • If the document that you need to sign was not sent via Docusign (e.g., as an email attachment), you will need a free Docusign account. With this account you are able to upload, sign and send documents online via Docusign, absolutely free. Signing and returning documents is always free but a FREE Docusign account is required.

    If the document that you need to sign was sent via Docusign, you do not need a Docusign account to sign. Click the “Review Documents” hyperlink in the email and follow the easy prompts. You will have an option at the end to create a free signing account if you wish, but it is entirely optional.

  • Opening a Docusign account is simple, and we offer a number of different plans depending on your needs. A free account allows you to sign documents online for free from around the world.