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Security and Trust NDA


This Nondisclosure Agreement (“Agreement) governs access to and use of the DocuSign (“DocuSign”) Security and Trust Assurance Packet (“STAP”) by you and your employees, agents, advisors, contractors, and any other entity on whose behalf you accept these terms (collectively “you” or “your”) for the limited purpose of evaluating the security and integrity of DocuSign’s services in relation to your intended or current purchase of such services (“Purpose”).

By accepting this Agreement, or by clicking “SUBMIT” indicating your acceptance, or by accessing, using, or obtaining the STAP, you acknowledge that this STAP constitutes DocuSign’s proprietary information, technical data, and trade secret information (“Proprietary Information”), and agree that neither you nor any agency or entity that you represent in relation to the disclosure of the Proprietary Information shall make any use of or disclose to any person or entity the Proprietary Information except as required for the Purpose.

If you are required by law to disclose any Proprietary Information, you agree to make reasonable efforts to notify DocuSign in advance of such disclosure, to limit such disclosure to only that information that is required to be disclosed by law by redacting or withholding information where possible, and to cooperate in any effort by DocuSign to prevent or limit such disclosure. Unless directed otherwise by a law enforcement agency, you agree to promptly report to DocuSign any unauthorized acquisition, use, or disclosure of the Proprietary Information. You agree that DocuSign may seek injunctive relief in addition to all remedies available to DocuSign in law and in equity to prevent or mitigate any violations by you of these terms, and that upon DocuSign’s request you shall promptly return or destroy the STAP.

If, in reviewing and accepting these terms, you are representing a U.S. government or U.S. public entity (including U.S. state and local governments) in your official capacity as a public official, the terms of this Agreement will not apply to you only to the extent they are inconsistent with federal law and/or to the extent your jurisdiction’s laws prohibit you from accepting the terms or requirements set forth herein. If you or your organization is bound by another confidentiality agreement with DocuSign, then the terms and conditions of this Agreement will apply, if at all, only to the access and use of the STAP to the extent such access and use is not already governed by such a confidentiality agreement.  You agree that claims and disputes arising out of this Agreement will be governed by California law and submit to the jurisdiction of any court of competent jurisdiction located in San Francisco, California.