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Automate new hire forms with DocuSign eSignature

Create a seamless onboarding experience with DocuSign eSignature

With always on expectations and digital everything, new hires expect a streamlined hiring and onboarding process. The days of filling out form after form in person have given way to the efficiency, speed and convenience of online applications, digital skills assessments and onboarding forms.

A great experience in onboarding can improve employee retention by 82%1.

Yet, 58% of organizations2 believe their onboarding is too process and paperwork focused. The best employee onboarding programs are strategic, structured and focused on people – not just new hire forms.

Create a seamless onboarding experience with DocuSign eSignature.  You can build an HR program centered on using electronic signatures to capture all the new hire form information required. In fact, you can manage the entire process, from hiring to retiring with DocuSign eSignature. Even remote hiring can be done with ease. Read our blog, “A better, digital solution for hiring workers in a remote world,” to learn more.

Connect, automate, and accelerate your new hire forms and onboarding process to focus more on people and less on paperwork. With DocuSign eSignature you can send and capture signatures for new hire forms in minutes from almost anywhere, on most devices. Your candidates and new hires will love the speed and convenience of signing your new hire forms digitally. And, DocuSign eSignature is always free for signers.

DocuSign eSignature can also connect to your existing HR systems like Workday, Oracle HCM, SAP SuccessFactors and more. 


Why DocuSign eSignature?

DocuSign eSignature is the #1 way to send and sign documents. With hundreds of millions of users around the globe, DocuSign eSignature is the choice of leading HR teams seeking a better way to manage new hire forms and HR processes.  

“Using DocuSign has solved the headache of getting employee documents completed and signed. Now the entire process is fast and easy for us and the signer. And the time-savings is huge as DocuSign automatic signing reminders eliminate the need for us to continually follow-up.” 

– Carrie, Sr. Recruiter

With DocuSign eSignature you can:

  • Easily integrate with your most critical HR apps allowing data to easily flow between systems
  • Electronic signatures streamline your new hire forms and paper-driven process transforming it into a digital experience
  • Automate a wide variety of processes and new hire forms including:
    • W-4 forms
    • State tax forms
    • I-9 forms
    • I-9 verification 
    • Direct deposits
    • Employee handbooks
    • Employment verification forms
    • Non-disclosure agreements 

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1 = Glassdoor research
2 = Human Capital Institute survey