Digital Day recap: The future of digital transformation in healthcare

The inaugural APAC Digital Day 2022 is done and dusted. Here’s a recap of our session on how the healthcare industry can embrace digital disruption to focus on the work that matters most.

Having weathered huge disruptions in recent years, the healthcare and life sciences industries are entering a transformative new stage of existence. With a new focus on patient-centric care and the application of digital solutions to improve health outcomes, these industries are abuzz with opportunity and potential.

Indeed, according to Deloitte, “By 2040, healthcare as we know it today will no longer exist. There will be a fundamental shift from ‘healthcare’ to ‘health’. And while disease will never be completely eliminated, through science, data, and technology, we will be able to identify it earlier, intervene proactively, and better understand its progression to help consumers more effectively and actively sustain their well-being.”

It’s an exciting time. And this topic of transformation in healthcare and life sciences was brought to life in last week’s Digital Day session on digital transformation in healthcare. Karli Smith, Director, Strategic Programs, Docusign explored some of the new opportunities and provided compelling examples of how leading global healthcare organisations are leveraging Docusign technologies to transform.

You can watch Karli’s full session on-demand now, or read on to see how three Docusign customers in the healthcare industry are improving outcomes using eSignature.

1. At AstraZeneca, 85% of agreements are now signed in less than one day

AstraZeneca shot to fame during the pandemic for its Covid vaccination. But long before then, the company had been busy discovering, developing and commercialising prescription medicines. A few years back, they embarked on a transformation initiative with the aim of bringing products to market faster.

After confirming that Docusign could comply with strict industry-specific regulatory requirements, AstraZeneca selected our eSignature solution to help reduce the time taken to complete agreements. They saw results fast, with 85% of agreements signed in less than one day, and a 16% increase in customer satisfaction scores.

Following the initial success of their roll-out in procurement, AstraZeneca expanded the use of Docusign into their HR and sales departments, setting up a Docusign Centre of Excellence to support and expedite adoption. Seamless integration with existing technology investments made the process swift and easy.

2. Boston Scientific has realised a $4.4M return on their Docusign investment 

Every 1.3 seconds, a patient is treated with a Boston Scientific product. The company provides medical professionals with the tools they need to change people’s lives. With 13,000 products, the company faces a huge task in managing product development and distribution.

Again, after confirming that Docusign complied with their regulatory requirements, Boston Scientific chose our eSignature platform to modernise and automate the forms associated with their thousands of products. Thanks to Docusign, they are getting products to market much faster; and they are also simplifying the process of signing patients onto clinical trials. 

Boston Scientific is also transforming its regulatory assessment process with Docusign. Previously, the manual process involved wading through 150 questions on a 23-page form. Errors were rife. By applying Docusign Smart Questionnaires, along with automation, errors have been eliminated and the form is completed much faster. 

3. DRG provides contract visibility across departments

Decision Resources Group (DRG) is a global company that provides insights and analysis to healthcare providers. Having just acquired 10 other companies, DRG wanted to transform its contract management process. Their goals were to provide contract visibility to all departments, accelerate sales processes, better manage contract negotiations and red lines, enable tight version control, and give teams access to contracts without them needing a Salesforce licence. Tall order? Not with Docusign CLM. 

Using Docusign CLM, DRG has integrated their contract management processes into Salesforce – bringing all business units together and enabling the seamless flow from quote, to contract, to signature. Too easy. 

A healthy future

As these examples show, even unexpected applications of technology are helping to forge the future of the healthcare and life sciences industry. If it means getting a patient onto a clinical trial faster, or getting a new medicine approved and on the shelves quicker, then these process transformations have done their job.

To discuss the benefits of digital agreements in your healthcare or life sciences business, get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

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