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White Paper

eBook: A Guide to DocuSign eSignature for Procurement

Procurement has an important strategic role in today’s corporate world. From helping organisations avoid modern slavery in the supply chain to driving business innovation, procurement’s role is rapidly evolving. Yet procurement’s role is being undermined. A recent survey, The State of Systems of Agreement, 2019, conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of DocuSign, found that 46% of procurement professionals have experienced postponements in starting projects because of inefficient agreement processes.

As global disruption accelerates future work trends, now is the time for procurement to embrace digitalisation. By leveraging the right technology, procurement can drive tomorrow’s success, today.

DocuSign eSignature is a crucial first step on this journey. A small step, which makes it easier to complete agreements digitally, but a vital one. Combine this with DocuSign CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management) and DocuSign Intelligent Insights powered by Seal Software, and eSignature can transform the procurement function.

In this eBook, we will:

  • Reaffirm the importance of agreements within procurement

  • Highlight the wide range of procurement benefits that DocuSign eSignature can deliver

  • Take a closer look at how eSignature is helping to reimagine procurement within Unilever