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Each year, millions of pounds are spent on paper-intensive, manual processes in the public sector, including NHS trusts and in local and central government. Time and money that could be spent creating value is wasted on paperwork. This frustrates both citizens and government employees and creates unnecessary risk.

When citizens interact with public sector organisations, it often involves completing a form. Use DocuSign to connect citizens to services - and help departments, trusts and organisations deliver better experiences to them.

Government use cases

Urgent citizen services require you to move quickly, but paperwork and processes can slow you down. Transform manual processes into automated, digital experiences with DocuSign.
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HM Land Registry is evaluating Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)

The UK government is continuing to accelerate its digital transformation.

In 2020, HMLR began accepting witnessed electronic signatures. Since then, HMLR also has been evaluating using enhanced electronic signatures, specifically called Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), as a more secure electronic signing solutionin digitising the conveyance process.

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Electronic signatures for HM Revenue and Customs

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is now accepting electronic signatures for stamping stock transfer forms.

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Using electronic seals to certify the integrity and origin of documents.

The DocuSign electronic seal feature is integrated into the signing process - enabling customers to digitise official seals, executing contracts faster and improving visibility of the seal when contracts are sealed.

Trust in DocuSign

DocuSign, a platform that's built on trust

DocuSign’s enterprise-grade security and compliance controls ensure that the entire experience across every transaction and every agreement is safe, secure and protected.

Section 508 compliant

DocuSign conforms to and continually tests for Government Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA compliance. DocuSign eSignature offers an accessible signing and sending experience by supporting common screen readers, high contrast tools and keyboard-only input.

HRA and MHRA Compliance with Electronic Signatures

DocuSign’s CFR Part 11 Module allows the FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / Annex 11 controls to be programmed into the module. This allows Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) customers to validate their use cases (an example use case would be in Clinical Trials) to ensure the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of electronic records from the point of their creation to the point of their receipt. Learn more
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Industry Working Group on eSignatures interim Report

On 1 February 2022, the expert Industry Working Group on Electronic Execution of Documents published their interim report, which sets out their analysis of the current state of e-signatures in England and Wales.

This report details how individuals and businesses can and should safely use electronic signatures, because - as noted by Lord Justice Birss - ‘there is no need for an old fashioned pen and ink’.

The Industry Working Group is hoping that this guidance will enable an uptake across the government and the whole of society because they believe that electronic signatures are in many ways better and more secure than traditional methods, and should be the norm rather than the exception.

The group recommended that the Government make electronic signing available for all official documents including its own contracts with suppliers and government departments. The report cites HM Land Registry's practice guide on the execution of deeds and the Ministry of Justice's lasting powers of attorney project as a good example of government encouragement.

“There’s every reason to adopt these methods now. Both the legal framework and the technical framework already exists - and there’s no reason to wait”

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DocuSign serves more than 1 million customers and a billion users in over 180 countries—including over 1,000 UK NHS trusts, local and central councils, housing associations, education institutions, emergency services and governmental agencies. 

DocuSign eSignature and CLM comply with eIDAS regulation and meet the most stringent UK, EU and global security standards.

Reduce cost and hassle

Save time, money and errors by eliminating manual tasks. DocuSign eSignature saves an average of £30 per agreement by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity. It also reduces the likelihood of errors by eliminating manual tasks

Drive citizen satisfaction

Citizens now expect a digital-first experience from public sector organisations. Improve the user experience by giving them the speed and convenience of doing business digitally.

Mitigate risk

Ensure peace of mind and accountability with built-in audit trails that stand up in court, and the strongest data encryption technologies commercially available.

Save paper, help the planet

Automating your contract process is a great place to start making sustainability improvements. Since 2003, DocuSign has saved over 55 billion sheets of paper and 2 billion kgs of CO2.

Do business faster

Send and sign agreements securely from virtually any device. With DocuSign eSignature up to 80% of agreements are completed in less than a day, and 44% in less than 15 minutes.

Success stories

DocuSign is working with public sector customers and organisations - enabling them to work faster, reduce risks and lower costs–all while improving the experience for citizens and staff.

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Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council boosts efficiency at critical time with DocuSign eSignature
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Swansea Council

Swansea Council speeds up contract turnaround time and improves efficiency with DocuSign eSignature
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Hugh James

Discover how law firm Hugh James submits first property deal to HM Land Registry using DocuSign Qualified Electronic Signature.

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Government

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Government lets public servants focus more time on their mission, bringing together a comprehensive set of applications and integrations to modernise government agencies’ systems of agreement. DocuSign Agreement Cloud customers are empowered to digitally transform end-to-end processes for all agreements, including signing, approving and managing complex documents. The result is government entities that are faster, simpler, smarter and greener.

Featured products for public sector

DocuSign eSignature

Securely send and sign agreements digitally while maintaining a complete audit trail of activity on each document.

DocuSign eWitness

DocuSign eWitness allows seamless and secure electronic witnessing, avoiding the costs, errors, and time associated with manual witnessing

DocuSign Guided Forms

Simplify complex forms with a step-by-step, mobile-ready experience to help your citizens easily complete long or complex forms.

DocuSign Identify

Verify your signer's identity on a single platform that provides digital signer identification and authentication through enhanced methods.

DocuSign CLM

Manage documents throughout the agreement lifecycle—from negotiation to signature and storage.

Featured integrations

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Government has over 350 pre-built integrations with the popular applications you already know and trust, minimizing deployment time and risk.

Case management, citizen engagement, and self-service

The DocuSign Agreement Cloud connects your agreement processes to the systems that engage with the public.

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Document management and productivity tools

Join governments and public organisations using DocuSign to manage contracts, grants, correspondence and give time back to employees to do what they do best: support citizens.

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Focusing on Citizens and Patients not Paper

Focusing on Citizens and Patients not Paper

We look at how NHS trusts, local and central government can leverage technology such as DocuSign to overcome challenges while driving efficiency, reducing waste and improving service quality.
How to Advance the Paperless Government Mission

How to Advance the Paperless Government Mission

Manual, paper-intensive processes waste time and money. Learn how Government departments can go paperless.
HRA and MHRA Compliance with Electronic Signatures

HRA and MHRA Compliance with Electronic Signatures

Discover how CFR 21 Part 11 and QES apply to the UK.

Give time back to public sector organisations and staff to do what they do best: support citizens.

Reduce costs and increase security and convenience with proven privacy safeguards, mobile access, and flexible, self-service document functionality.
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