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Docusign Identify

Verify signer identity for your important agreements

Verify signer identity beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link.

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DocuSign Identify screenshot showing a passport being used to verify a user's identity

Know who you’re doing business with

Docusign Identify makes identity proofing and authentication a seamless part of eSignature – so you can protect your important agreements, and your customer experience.

  • Support compliance

    Help meet requirements with Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and regional regulations. Verification status is recorded in every certificate of completion.

  • Manage identification seamlessly

    Embed identity proofing and authentication into one connected DocuSign eSignature experience.

  • Operate globally

    Access the industry’s largest network of identity verification and trust service providers. Choose from DocuSign native solutions or API-supported integrations.

Why a connected signing and identity verification experience matters

  • 80%
    of organisations will be using document-centric identity proofing as part of their onboarding workflows by 2023*
  • 70%
    of overall fraud Fintech companies experienced in 2020 was caused by identity fraud**
  • £5.5bn
    in fines and sanctions in 2020 and 2021 issued to financial services firms for AML failings.***
  • 91%
    of businesses plan to spend more on identity verification in the next 1–3 years to secure their data and alleviate identity fraud****

Spotlight on Docusign Identify

Docusign’s Identify portfolio digitally verifies signer identity via government IDs, biometric detection, bank-based login and many other methods. Mobile-friendly and available worldwide.

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Enhanced features for ID Verification

  • Expanded ID and eID methods

    DocuSign offers new bank-based ID in the UK and eID in France. See the full list of countries eligible for ID Verification.

  • Identity Wallet for QES

    Get the highest levels of security and compliance with AI-enabled identity verification built directly into the eSignature workflow. Enable signers to complete eIDAS-compliant EU and UK qualified electronic signatures (QES) in minutes. Make the signing process even faster by securely storing and reusing personal information with Identity Wallet for QES.

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  • Liveness detection for ID Verification

    Identify your signers easily and more securely. Apply biometric checks such as AI-enabled liveness detection to video selfies and help confirm that signers are real, that IDs are authentic and that faces match ID photos.

Types of identification solutions

Docusign Identify includes a variety of authentication and identity verification options to meet all of your business needs.

  • DocuSign Identify screenshot requesting details on the type of ID a user is using to prove their identity.

    Document ID and eID Verification

    Verify signer identity worldwide with Docusign ID Verification, which checks identity based on government-issued photo IDs, or bank-based and electronic IDs.

  • Screenshot from DocuSign Identify showing the video gestures that a user needs to make

    Support for AES and QES

    Execute eIDAS-compliant advanced electronic signatures (AES) with ID Verification or create a qualified electronic signature (QES) with ID Verification for EU Qualified. Hold repeat signer IDs for faster QES agreements with Identity Wallet for QES.

  • Screenshot showing admin setting

    Flexible Admin Controls

    Choose from pre-set configuration or customise, such as type of ID methods and country of issuance accepted, ID data retained, and name matching precision.

  • Screenshot showing authentication details including the workflow, timestamp and result.

    Proof of Verification

    Write verification status and ID data into your system of record using APIs. Authentication details appear in every eSignature Certificate of Completion.

  • Screenshot showing SMS or call-based authentication with DocuSign Identify.

    SMS Authentication

    Enable easy two-factor authentication with a one-time code available to users in 180+ countries. Use it as a stand-alone solution or add to your identity verification process.

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Docusign Identify use cases

• Account opening and onboarding

• Lending, leasing and financing

• Insurance applications

• Good practice guidelines agreements

• Auto test drive and sales agreements

• Patient consent management

• Employee onboarding

• Cross-border transactions

• Agreements requiring Scot’s Law (UK)


Learn more about Docusign Identify

  • How to simplify remote ID verification

    Learn more about DocuSign Identify's features and benefits in this datasheet

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  • ID Verification for EU Qualified

    Enhance security and execute EU and UK-compliant QES in minutes. Expedite QES agreement processes by securely storing and reusing personal information with the Identity Wallet for QES feature.

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  • Accelerating Digital Transformation: Spotlight on Financial Services

    Learn how financial services are accelerating their identity verification processes

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Protect your high-value agreements with Docusign Identify

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  • Docusign Identify refers to our family of enhanced identity verification and authentication products. These offerings solve the business problem of automating identity verification while maintaining a secure, simplified, and user-friendly experience that goes beyond standard email-based methods (i.e. asking the signer to confirm their email address). Due to the scope of our portfolio, our solutions can be tailored around your needs no matter your industry or use case.

  • At Docusign, we understand that agreement is based on identity and intent. While the standard way of identifying a signer is to send a link to the signer’s email address, certain types of high-value or highly-sensitive agreements require enhanced identity verification. While this may vary by country, region, or industry, the extensive list of solutions offered within Docusign Identify help customers integrate the right identity verification technique for any given type of agreement, while keeping the signing experience digital, user-friendly, compliant, and enforceable.

  • Within the Docusign Identify portfolio, we offer several identity verification solutions, with each one verifying the identity of signers in a different way. For example: 

    - Docusign ID Verification consists of various options to select from: 

    - Require signers to provide government-issued identity documents before having to pass a simple biometric analysis (liveness detection)

    - Enable signers to authenticate themselves by using electronic IDs or bank-based logins

    - Docusign ID Verification for EU Qualified: For customers who require UK and EU eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), this solution requires signers to complete the identity verification checks for this type of digital signature 

    - Docusign Phone Authentication: As a means of signer authentication, signers receive a One-Time Password (OTP) to their registered device via SMS or Phone, and must enter that password into the platform before accessing the document 

    Regardless of the option you select, the identity verification process is automated, tightly-integrated into the DocuSign eSignature process, and tailored to your business needs to help streamline your agreement processes.

  • For the majority of the identity verification solutions offered within Docusign Identify, the process is fully automated, offering a self-service process for signers. However, due to specific regulations, some solutions require that certified agents review the information provided by the signer.

    - ID Verification for EU Qualified: Regional regulation (eIDAS) stipulates that, as part of the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) attainment process, a face-to-face (or equivalent) review has to be performed by a certified agent. While the actual identity verification process is entirely self-service, the final step is a review by a certified agent. Performed asynchronously, the agent reviews the information provided by the signer, in a process that usually takes less than a couple of minutes. 

    - ID Verification: When Liveness Detection is enabled, in addition to validating their government-issued identity document, the signer must also perform various biometric checks. In most cases, the AI-powered system will be able to validate both the authenticity of the document and the genuinity of the biometric checks, but in the event that those checks are not conclusive, a certified agent will be asked to review them.  

    Agents are available 24/7 and typically complete their reviews within a few minutes. 

  • DocuSign ID Verification uses advanced technologies to digitally verify the identity of signers, by letting them do so on any device, anywhere, as part of a secure, intuitive, mobile-first signing process. 

    Part of the DocuSign Identify family, ID Verification allows users to prove they are who they say they are, no matter where they are based or what method they prefer. Signers can upload government-issued IDs (driving license, passport, etc.), combine document verification with AI-enabled liveness verification, or use electronic or bank-based IDs. 

    In doing so, organisations achieve faster and more secure agreement completion while providing streamlined, mobile first signer experiences.

  • Part of the DocuSign Identify portfolio, when activated Phone Authentication enables signers to receive a One-Time Password (OTP) by SMS or phone call. To confirm their identity, the recipient must enter the code sent to their device, using their keyboard. Only once they have successfully passed the authentication challenge, can they access and review their documents as usual. 

    DocuSign Phone Authentication supports over 70 languages and 190 countries.

  • As a global organisation, through DocuSign Identify we have the ability to support your businesses’ identity verification needs, regardless of where you do business. While solutions such as Docusign ID Verification are available globally* and can support most popular ID types, some of our solutions are more region-specific or relevant. For example, Knowledge-Based Authentication and Remote Online Notarisation are only available to US-based customers, while ID Verification for EU Qualified is relevant to customers seeking a UK or EU eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).      

    To find out more about which solution is perfect for you, contact our sales team or speak to your account manager. 

    *With the exception of China and Japan

  • Depending on where your signers are from, the types of ID documents we support may vary. For global solutions such as DocuSign ID Verification, the full list of countries supported can be found here. Depending on the country, we can support the following documents: 

    - Passport

    - Driver license

    - Residence Permit

    - National Identity Card