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DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Sales

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B2B buying and selling is more complex than ever with the average sale involving 10 people and lasting 17 weeks. And it now all has to happen remotely. So sellers are adapting quickly to this new landscape – enabling reps with technology and shifting how they engage with prospects.

Because 80% of sales teams execute over 500 contracts each month, this part of the sales process needs an upgrade. With the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, sales teams can fully automate the agreement process from custom contract generation and signature to business workflows and document analysis. Close deals with a click from inside your CRM and stand out with a modern experience that prospects expect.

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How Refinitiv made it easier for customers to buy from them

Refinitiv, one of the world's largest financial data and insight providers, uses DocuSign to close sales 95% faster and make it more convenient for customers to do business with them.
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Features and benefits

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Close deals faster

Reduce deal turnaround time to get revenue in the door faster.

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Delight your buyers

Deliver a better experience for your buyers and make it easy for them to do business with you.

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Improve rep productivity

Automate manual contract processes so reps can focus on selling.

How DocuSign helps sales teams


Of contracts signed in less than one hour at Salesforce


Faster agreement process at Orbitz


Faster time to invoice customers at LinkedIn

DocuSign Agreement Cloud for sales

DocuSign Agreement Cloud helps sales teams digitally transform how they interact with customers. With more than a dozen products and over 400 integrations, the DocuSign Agreement Cloud addresses the entire agreement process, from preparing to signing, acting on, and managing agreements.

Products for sales

DocuSign eSignature

Never lose visibility into the status of your sale by sending and signing agreements from virtually anywhere with the world’s #1 electronic signature solution.

DocuSign CLM

Automate the contract lifecycle with document generation, collaboration, workflow, and a central agreement repository.

DocuSign Insight

Use AI-driven conceptual search, clause identification, and analytics across all your supplier contracts.

Docusign Analyzer

Use AI to perform contract analytics in the pre-execution stage of your agreement process.

Integrations for sales

DocuSign works with the systems you already use.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Prepopulate contracts and ensure your records are always up-to-date with DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Send agreements for approval and sync your data directly with DocuSign for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Oracle Sales Cloud

Streamline your contracting workflow by integrating DocuSign with your Oracle applications.

Use cases

Automate your workflow

DocuSign integrates with a wide range of CRM systems so reps can send out contracts for approval with a click of a button. The workflow for a specific contract type can be set up beforehand, greatly reducing the effort needed to get contracts ready for signature.

Make approvals seamless

Set the order of approvals for quick sign-off from internal stakeholders before sending the contract to the customer for signature. Make approvals even faster by analysing full third party contracts or individual clauses inserted by customers with AI to avoid a long legal review

Keep track of contract status

The status of a contract is updated within your CRM, making it easy for reps to keep track of what’s going on, and proactively clear bottlenecks to make sure the deal keeps moving forward.

Everything is stored in your CRM

Once a contract is signed, it’s automatically written back to your CRM where the account status is updated. It's also where any relevant data is stored so you can automate downstream actions like account provisioning or billing.

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