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DocuSign eWitness

Witness documents electronically with DocuSign eWitness

eWitness is a feature of DocuSign eSignature that enables users to identify one or more individuals to witness the execution of deeds and other important agreements.

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Avoid the costs, errors, and time associated with manual witnessing

DocuSign provides solutions for signing and witnessing documents and deeds, including HM Land Registry deeds. For your clients, it’s fast and convenient. For you, it eliminates delays, reduces costs and allows you to capture signer and witness details for traceability and audit.

Once the document has been signed, you have access to a downloadable Certificate of Completion that can serve as important evidence of signing and witnessing should you ever need it. The Certificate presents details about the signing and witnessing parties, including address, email address, IP address and time stamps.

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Benefits of electronic witnessing

Get going quickly

Flexible, easily configurable and easy to use for all parties, including senders, signers and witnesses.

Accelerate agreement completion

Digitise manual and paper-based processes to speed up the contracting process.

Reduce risk

Along with email, DocuSign eWitness supports a second factor of authentication with one time password, delivered by text message for both the signer and the witness. This allows you to meet specific requirements including signing HM Land Registry deeds such as change of ownership documents.

Capture court-admissible evidence

Download a Certificate of Completion that provides proof of signing and witnessing by capturing key transaction information such as IP address, time stamps and authentication methods for both the signer and witness along with witness details such as their address and title. This file provides rich transaction evidence in the event of a legal dispute.

Save time and money

Avoid the costs, errors, and time associated with manual witnessing.

eWitness features

With a robust set of functionality, DocuSign eWitness allows seamless and secure electronic witnessing.

  • Automated workflows

    Set up automated workflows with specific signing and witnessing order, to meet your specific requirements.

  • Quick setup

    Easy to configure and use for all parties, including senders, signers and witnesses.

  • Flexibility

    Add up to 2 witnesses per signer. Each signer will be able to choose their witness(es) and complete the witness(es) details, including name and email address.

  • Traceability and auditability

    Capture detailed information about signers and witnesses through the Certificate of Completion, which can help provide proof of the signing in the event of a legal dispute.

  • Enhanced security

    Unparalleled security with strong encryption practices. DocuSign meets the highest security and confidentiality standards.

  • Witness authentication

    Add an extra layer of identity authentication for witnesses and signers with SMS one-time passwords for high-value transactions and HM Land Registry deeds.

  • Confidentiality

    Limit witness access to agreements post-signing. Witnesses do not have access to the final executed agreements.

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With 88% of our documents being e-signed in under 24 hours, DocuSign and the new eWitness feature is a game-changer for the typical real estate lawyer whose documents are often registrable at the Land Registry.

Katherine Crowley
Real Estate Practice Development Manager, Womble Bond Dickinson (UK) LLP

eWitness is a game changer for Womble Bond Dickinson UK (LLP)

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Key use cases

DocuSign eWitness can be used for many types of documents, including:

    • Deeds

    • Loan Agreements

    • Short Hold Tenancies

    • Merger and Acquisition Agreements

    • HM Land Registry Deeds

    • Separation Agreements

    • Shareholder Agreements

    • Mortgage Agreements

    • Guarantor Documents

    • Partnership Agreements

Electronic Witnessing FAQ

  • DocuSign eWitness is a feature of DocuSign eSignature that provides a seamless experience when witnessing documents electronically. DocuSign eWitness is the preferred approach when witnessing high value agreements or HM Land Registry deeds as it empowers signers to nominate up to two witnesses, while capturing important witness information such as witness address and title. eWitness also limits access to the witness post signing to preserve confidentiality. In a few limited cases, you might need to use DocuSign eSignature for witnessing. Here a few examples:

    - If you require more than 2 witnesses per signer

    - If you want to send a document using DocuSign SMS delivery

    - If you require to verify identity using DocuSign ID Verification

  • Setting up a DocuSign eSignature envelope that requires a witnessed signature is similar to the regular process for sending envelopes that require an electronic signature. When creating the enveloppe, you have the option to add a witness group and you will be guided through a few simple steps to finalise the envelope with witness(es).

  • Yes, with DocuSign eWitness you can add up to 2 witnesses per signer.

  • Some advanced features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign eSignature plans. Please contact your Account Manager to understand how you can get started right away.

  • In the event where the witness is unknown, each signer will be able to choose their witness(es) and complete the witness(es) details, including full name and email address, as well as phone number if 2-factor authentication is required.

  • Yes, you can meet HMLR requirements when using DocuSign eWitness. Our solution supports 2-factor authentication for both the signer and the witness using a one time password (OTP) sent by SMS.

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