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DocuSign for Enteprise

DocuSign allows you to quickly and securely make every agreement and approval digital, from almost anywhere in the world, on practically any device. It’s simple to use and implement, so even complex workflows can be quickly automated, keeping your business moving forward, faster

  • Digital-forward companies outperform the competition
  • AstraZeneca standardizes on DocuSign
  • Orbitz sales reps see a dramatic increase in productivity
  • Comcast Business cuts field meetings in half
  • MIT Sloan Management increases revenue by 13% using DocuSign eSignature solutions.
  • Astrazeneca standardizes on DocuSign

Your company's digital future is here

DocuSign eliminates paper and automates the agreement process, allowing companies to measure turnaround time in minutes rather than days.

Immediate adoption and happier users with the industry-leading platform

DocuSign’s intuitive user experience and simple implementation enables you to accelerate transactions and reduce manual paperwork from day one. We’ll provide hands-on, expert support to guide the success of your digital initiatives every step of the way.

DocuSign signing experience in mobile device

Works with the applications, services and devices that you already use

Get up and running immediately with DocuSign’s best-in-class eSignature application or connect to your existing systems with over 400+ pre-built integrations. And with our industry-leading eSignature API, you can build custom, end-to-end workflows.

The reliable, globally-trusted service for electronic signatures

With highly secure encryption standards, 99.99% platform availability and complete digital audit trails, DocuSign gives you total confidence in every transaction. More than 1 million customers and 1 billion users worldwide rely on our platform to execute and protect even the most sensitive transactions. And for customers looking for on-premises signing for regulated industries and markets, we offer the DocuSign Signature Appliance.


A platform designed for the enterprise


  • Flexible, mobile workflows support nearly any agreement or approval process
  • Visibility and control across all of your accounts and users
  • 99.99% platform availability and peak performance at any scale
  • Global architecture that’s ready to do business everywhere
  • Strongest encryption standards and rigorous security certifications
  • Full digital audit trail for compliance and legal enforceability


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How DocuSign Works in the Enterprise

Go beyond eSignature — DocuSign lets you prepare, execute, and manage the lifecycle of nearly every agreement digitally

Prepare documents. Integrate data. Define workflows

With DocuSign, you can easily prepare agreements using your existing documents and data from other systems—no need to create new forms or rekey data. Flexible workflow capabilities let you share agreements with the right people in the right order and define roles for each recipient, automating what used to be a slow, manual process.

DocuSign document preparation experience

Authenticate and execute transactions with stringent security standards

We ensure signers are who they say they are using advanced authentication methods to match your needs. Your customers can quickly sign legally binding contracts from practically any device in 43 languages, while providing other key data like phone number or credit card to complete the transaction. Plus, you can standardize and scale all of these processes across your teams or entire organization and brand the experience for your users.

DocuSign document completion experience

Manage transactions with complete visibility

Get instant visibility into the status of every digital agreement and full reporting functionality across your organization—no more “blind spots” in your transactions! Even manage multiple accounts, users, and permissions with ease. Securely retain documents and data in the DocuSign cloud, or transfer to your own systems with the complete digital audit trails to ensure compliance and confirm the validity and legal enforceability of all transactions.

DocuSign document management experience


How will your business DocuSign?

Streamline document-driven processes across your entire organization.


  • Sales contracts
  • Vendor agreements
  • New hire documentation
  • Expense reporting
  • Invoice processing
  • Internal compliance
  • NDAs
  • Purchase orders
  • And many more!

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