How Docusign eSignature and CLM Can Help Your Company Grow and Scale

E-signature technology and contract lifecycle management (CLM) software are indispensable in the modern scaling workplace. At Docusign, we make it our mission to offer top-rated solutions for both. With Docusign eSignature and Docusign CLM, growing companies have access to an industry-leading suite of tools enabling scalability and control over every aspect of contract lifecycle management. 

Docusign eSignature is the most common entry point for businesses looking to improve and automate their agreement processes. Once you experience the ease and security of eSignature, Docusign CLM can help to accelerate growth even more. Across the entire contract process, our technology works to further lower costs, reduce errors, speed time to revenue and delight your customers.

Let’s look at some of the key features and benefits that customers cite as the reasons they joined the Docusign community.

Docusign eSignature

Docusign eSignature is often the first step for digitising your contract lifecycle. With the industry-leading e-signature solution, you can get up and running within days, or even hours. Companies gain the benefits of eSignature almost immediately.

On average, it takes just one day to complete an offer letter. 

80% of Docusign eSignature transactions are completed in under a day.

But there are even more reasons growing companies recommend Docusign eSignature to their peers.

Ease of set up and use

Docusign eSignature can be used across virtually any agreement in any line of business. So, whether you’re creating a sales agreement, contract, purchase order or dozens of other kinds of documents—across retail, professional services, manufacturing or any one of the hundred-plus classified business sectors—eSignature makes it easier for you to collect and keep track of the signatures you need.

Ease means internal users and customers alike don’t have to be technical whizzes. While some may be initially anxious about  new technology and processes, Docusign eSignature features an intuitive interface that’s quick to learn, even for the non-tech savvy, as these comments highlight:

“I knew how easy Docusign is to use and maintain. Docusign’s ease of implementation and stellar reputation made it easy for our leadership team to see that Docusign was the right solution.” - Gregg Slow, EVP, Sales and Client Service, XOJET

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and integration

When your business is growing, interoperability and integration across your digital tools are key. APIs allow data to quickly pass between applications and save valuable time.

In a Docusign survey of sales, HR, legal and procurement professionals, over 90% of these teams felt that their existing software wasn’t being used to full capacity due to a lack of integrations.

On average, employees spend up to 32 days a year switching between different tools due to lack of integrations.

That’s 32 days too many. But with Docusign integrations, companies are spending their time better.

Docusign eSignature offers more than 400 integrations with the systems and tools that companies are already using like Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoom, Google, Stripe and Workday.

With eSignature, your teams don’t lose valuable time copying data across multiple systems and opening the door to potential errors.

Trust and reputation

What’s in a name? A lot. Our customers tell us they choose Docusign eSignature for the greater sense of professionalism and trustworthiness it gives them in the eyes of their customers. Why? Because their customers already know and trust the Docusign brand.

Docusign eSignature is trusted by 1M+ customers and 1B+ users worldwide.

The Docusign brand immediately lends credibility to your organisation. Many of your customers have likely already used eSignature as a tool to sign lease agreements or terms of employment. When companies weigh which e-signature solution to implement, Docusign eSignature stands out with a long-standing reputation for reliability, trust and ease. A survey conducted in 2022 found that dozens of businesses chose Docusign as a solution based in part on “Docusign’s reputation as the leader in e-signature.”

Security and compliance

Your customers want to know that their data and documents are secure and safe. With Docusign eSignature, mid-sized and growing companies get the same enterprise-grade security and compliance controls enjoyed by much larger firms. Even if you have limited legal and compliance resources, Docusign can help simplify compliance with the highest security standards.

Why do signature security controls matter so much? Companies can face legal difficulty in enforcing contracts if they can’t prove it was signed by the counterparty. Docusign offers more robust digital audit trails than most other solutions. Docusign protects your business, your hard-earned customer base, and your revenue with agreements you can enforce.

Many customers start out with Docusign eSignature. However, once they experience the benefits of handling documents digitally, they want to see how automation can enhance the rest of their agreement process—before and after the signature. That’s where Docusign CLM comes in.

Docusign CLM

Contract lifecycle management technology offers you command over the entire lifecycle of a document, from initial drafting to signing to storage. Docusign CLM works with more customers than any other provider; we know what businesses need—and how needs can evolve. We put our customers on a success path that starts with eSignature and expands to CLM for an end-to-end agreement solution that scales as you grow. With Docusign CLM, it’s easier to route agreements to the right person at the right time, capture edits and changes in one master version, standardise agreements with pre-approved clauses, and store contracts in a central repository.

With Docusign CLM Essentials, you get the features you need to handle a growing number of contracts with a small team. CLM Essentials can be up and running in weeks, not months—and lays the foundation for in-depth functionality with Docusign CLM and, further down the line, AI enhancement with Docusign CLM+.

While businesses experience the benefits of CLM at every step in the agreement process, here are a few that are cited most often.

Speed to value

One of the key advantages of Docusign CLM is the ability to quickly set up and get to work. Our experts help you realise faster time to value—from laying the groundwork for CLM implementation and identifying the best use cases for your organization to deployment and onto continued expansion. You may start with Docusign CLM in sales, and then roll it out to other teams as users experience its benefits. Docusign offers an extensive collection of on-demand training and support resources to make adoption fast and seamless. At every stage, we deliver the support you need to ensure you’re getting the most out of Docusign CLM.

4 months: average time to go-live for Docusign CLM customers.


As a modern company, you’re looking at every opportunity to automate, but working in siloed platforms hinders your ability to scale. Docusign CLM has the most integrations in the industry. With our pre-built, packaged integrations and easy to use APIs, you can easily connect to the platforms you use every day, like Salesforce and—no technical expertise required.

With our CLM integrations, you can oversee agreements from within the systems you’re already using. For instance, our Salesforce integration shortens the sales cycle and allows your staff to spend more time building relationships with customers and less time moving between systems. And our customers value the options we provide, like being able to use any existing objects (including custom objects) and fields in Salesforce, or integrating CLM processes into Slack. Docusign CLM is the only CLM solution in the Slack app directory.

Docusign CLM is the #1 CLM for Salesforce, with the highest ratings of all CLM apps on the Salesforce AppExchange.

Growth and scalability

As you grow, the last challenge you want is having to change from systems you’re already using and are comfortable with to learning entirely new ones. Thankfully, with Docusign, you don’t have to: you can start out with CLM Essentials and upgrade as your company’s needs increase. Post-Docusign CLM implementation, our experts continue to monitor your usage and growth to make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment. 

Docusign CLM systems integrator partners are fully trained, and have an average customer satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5.

Join a community of satisfied customers

Docusign eSignature and Docusign CLM meet the needs of growing businesses with easy setup, seamless integrations and ongoing expert support. We’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of what our users need, in every sector and at every size.

The benefits speak for themselves. As your organisation sets its sights on joining the ranks of enterprise businesses, Docusign can put you in a league with the best of the best:

Fortune 500 companies using Docusign:

  • 15 of the top 15 finance companies

  • 14 of the top 15 healthcare companies

  • 13 of the top 15 tech companies

Learn more about how Docusign eSignature and Docusign CLM can help your business achieve its goals for growth.  Learn more about whether CLM is right for your organization.