Accelerate Your Salesforce Contracting Process With Docusign CLM Essentials

As a Docusign Gen for Salesforce customer, you’ve already overcome a major hurdle in your contracting process: document generation. Rather than switch back and forth between solutions to manually transfer data, your team is easily creating agreements and other sales documents from templates within Salesforce and autopopulating them with Salesforce data. Thanks to Gen, you’re saving time and reducing the likelihood of errors in your quotes, proposals, invoices and more.

But what about the rest of your agreement process? And what happens as your business grows and your needs evolve? If your teams are losing hours to other contracting tasks such as finding the right contract, dealing with a lengthy negotiation process or struggling to keep up with an increasing contract volume, it’s time to consider a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution.

Signs you need a CLM solution

A CLM solution automates the remaining steps in the agreement process to expedite contract workflows and reduce risk, including:

  • Generation
  • Negotiation
  • Review
  • Signature
  • Storage
  • Management

Whereas Gen automates steps in the document generation and signature phases, CLM encompasses the entire contract lifecycle, allowing your team to better manage complex contracts and scale more efficiently.

With Gen, you’re already halfway toward automating your contract process and by upgrading to a CLM, you can further transform and resolve common pain points you may be experiencing beyond document generation. A recent Docusign study of over 600 contracting professionals highlighted areas where inefficiency abounds when there’s no CLM solution in place:

  • It takes a growing business 39 minutes, on average, to find a completed contract 
  • The average contract goes through three versions and four rounds of approval before finalization  
  • The average growing business uses almost three separate tools to perform contracting tasks

If this sounds like you, but you’re not sure where to start or don’t require all the features of an enterprise solution, Docusign CLM Essentials can help.

Accelerate speed to revenue

While some CLM solutions involve a hefty investment and lengthy implementation, CLM Essentials is affordable and easy to set up, especially for existing Gen customers.

CLM Essentials offers growing businesses the perfect starting point to begin their contract management journey by helping them execute more efficiently, automate contract busywork and collaborate more effectively across teams.

CLM Essentials solves common problems facing small- and mid-sized companies that hinder your ability to sell and close deals quickly. Without the proper digital integrations, your sales personnel get stuck making manual updates across templates and opening contract after contract to find specific agreements or terms. Slow and outdated processes—like routing agreements through email—only worsen the problem. And when manual work drags your sales team down, your entire sales process slows down, too.

CLM Essentials leverages automation and a native integration with Salesforce to resolve these revenue obstruction issues. Similar to Gen, CLM Essentials lets your team stay in their current tools to manage the contract process. Opportunities are routinely updated based on contract status and data is automatically pulled in from Salesforce, eliminating the need for manual data entry and minimizing the potential for errors.

In addition to reducing administrative work, CLM Essentials speeds up the sales cycle by expediting negotiation and review, and stores completed contracts, templates and process agreements in a centralized and searchable repository. Sellers gain a 360-degree view of their customer agreements in Salesforce, so they never lose track of a deal, while automation brings them better data quality and forecasting accuracy.

Get started in weeks

CLM Essentials is fast, affordable, and easy to use–without any of the functionality that CLM newcomers don’t need yet. Supported by our global team of agreement experts, you’ll get up and running in weeks with light configuration, product training and onboarding to ensure adoption, so you can start seeing results quickly. Adoption and ROI will only grow over time when you take advantage of on-demand resources and best practices from the Docusign Knowledge Market and Docusign University.

Best of all, Docusign CLM products share the same platform. So you can readily transfer templates, workflows, users and more from Gen to CLM Essentials. And, in the years ahead, as your business continues to grow, you can easily transition from CLM Essentials to more advanced CLM editions while keeping the features your team knows and constantly uses.

An effective and affordable contract solution for the growing business

Getting started with contract management doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. Thanks to CLM Essentials, it’s easy to take the first step in digitizing your agreement process end-to-end. As an existing Gen customer, you’re well on your way to experiencing all the benefits of complete contract management and CLM Essentials is there to take you to the finish line. 

To learn more about how CLM Essentials can transform your sales process, reach out to your account representative or get in touch with a Docusign CLM expert today.