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Docusign vs. Adobe Sign (now Adobe Acrobat Sign)

Docusign vs. Adobe: Comparison of Features and Benefits (2023)

Compare the features and benefits of Docusign and Adobe Sign to choose the ideal electronic signature solution.

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A phone screen showing a contingency form that was signed with Docusign eSignature, under text that says "Made for agreements"

Why choose Docusign eSignature over Adobe Sign?

  • Docusign is the agreement platform

    At Docusign, making agreements as simple, safe and secure as possible is in our DNA. We launched Docusign eSignature in 2003 and all of our R&D is entirely focused on the electronic signature and contract management process to stay ahead of the market and bring you the best features. With Docusign you can manage and simplify your entire agreement process from end to end without sacrificing security. Adobe’s focus is on their creative suite. Their e-signature offering is an add-on product with limited features, development and investment.

    Fun fact: Our Identity Verification offering is powered by our European R&D team, based out of Paris.

  • Choose a partner you can rely on

    Docusign delivers 99.9% availability. Our electronic signature solution doesn’t have upgrade or maintenance windows, meaning higher satisfaction for you and your end signers. 

    According to the Gartner Peer Insights 2022 Report, Docusign came out as customers' choice, with more customers willing to recommend us than Adobe.

  • Reduce complexity with Docusign

    Adobe relies on partners in order to deliver the same basic functionality as Docusign. This results in technical complexity, increased hidden costs and slower time-to-value.

    Adobe Sign only supports basic signing workflows. Adobe requires integration with a workflow tool like Microsoft Power Automate or Workato for more complex processes. Plus, there is a need to integrate with expensive partners to attain a qualified electronic signature (QES), for identity solutions and third party providers for SMS functionality.

Docusign is built for European business

We’ve been operating in the region for over a decade and have data centres across three EU countries. On top of that, Docusign eSignature allows you to obtain signatures that meet the requirements of eIDAS.

There is a reason we have the highest global market share¹, as we take the time to understand our local customer needs.

  • 25/25
    Top Financial Companies in Europe use Docusign
  • 15/20
    Top Healthcare Companies in Europe use Docusign
  • 4/4
    of the Big Four Accounting Firms use Docusign²
  • 77/100
    FTSE 100 companies use Docusign

Go beyond the Creative Cloud. Join 1 million customers and 1 billion users who trust Docusign with their agreements.

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We ultimately saw that the security standards and features offered by Docusign gave us the reassurance to know that our customers’ personal information would be protected.

Gary Finnerty
Head of Marketing, An Post Insurance

It’s more than a signature. It’s a fantastic customer experience.

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Docusign vs Adobe Sign features

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Legally enforceable electronic signatures with audit trails

Supports eIDAS Compliance

Data Centres in EU

Integration Partners

900+ (incl. Salesforce, Microsoft)



2X more API endpoints than Adobe

Customisation and Branding

Trust Services Provider

Mobile Features (SMS Delivery, Responsive Signing)

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Offering




Resources to help you evaluate Docusign

How Do Customers Benefit from Docusign eSignature

esignature on mobile device

Docusign vs. Adobe Sign FAQs

  • Docusign is the one innovative platform you can trust with all of your agreements. We remove the friction in the agreement process and help you build trust, by adding intelligence to the process and unlocking valuable data for everyone. This makes it easier for people to negotiate, make decisions faster and understand the risks involved. 

    With Docusign, you can remove friction from your entire agreement process—not just the electronic signature part of the process.

    Adobe Sign offers simple e-signatures, but it can’t help address the larger challenge organisations face with their agreement workflows. 

    Docusign can help with identity verification for signers, document generation, automated agreement workflows, agreement storage and more in addition to electronic signatures.

    Docusign can also help you unlock the data that lives in your agreements. We help you extract the data from your contracts, search it and use it to make smarter business decisions. See when vendor contracts are coming up for renewal, easily find out how new legislation affects clauses of your existing agreements and more. Meanwhile, agreements in Adobe act like flat digital pieces of paper and don’t allow you the opportunity to gain this valuable business intelligence.

  • With Docusign, you can take advantage of a full suite of products to make your agreement processes smarter, easier and more trusted.

    Docusign has products beyond simple e-signature to help you generate documents, verify signer identity, review and negotiate contracts, sign agreements, automate agreement workflows, store and manage agreements, and analyse agreements.

  • Adobe claims they are better because they have no extra fees, integrations with Microsoft 365 and plans with Acrobat with all-in-one document productivity. 

    In fact, Docusign has flexible plans so you pay for only what you need. 

    We also have a strategic partnership with Microsoft, including Microsoft 365 integrations. Docusign is Microsoft's preferred solution on Microsoft AppSource, representing a commitment to quality, performance and the ability to meet the needs of mutual customers. With Docusign integrations for Microsoft, your team can prepare, sign, collaborate, store and manage agreements within Microsoft apps, boosting productivity and accelerating the completion of agreements.

    And we offer all-in-one agreement productivity that goes across document types and your existing systems so you can easily incorporate agreement workflows into your other processes.

  • Docusign’s solutions enable you to electronically sign while meeting the requirements of eIDAS. eIDAS (electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services) is an EU law that oversees electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the European Union’s internal market, including electronic signature transactions. Brexit has not had any material impact on the legal validity and admissibility of electronic signatures under UK law. Accordingly, Brexit did not adversely impact the use of e-signing platforms following the end of the Brexit transitional period in December 2020.

    This regulation defines two types of certificate-based signatures called Advanced and Qualified electronic signatures (or AES and QES), which require identity authentication before a digital certificate is issued.

    An electronic signature makes it fast, easy and simple to sign agreements and contracts. Docusign eSignature has been used in more than one billion transactions across over 180 countries to create legally enforceable agreements.

  • More than 1 million customers and 1 billion users trust Docusign with their agreements. 

    Docusign helps you make your agreements smarter and easier. With highly secure encryption standards, rigorous security certifications, and complete digital audit trails, Docusign gives you total confidence in every transaction. 

    Docusign was named customers’ choice in the 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™. Docusign was the only e-signature vendor recognised with the Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice distinction for either meeting or exceeding both the market average for Overall Experience and User Interest and Adoption. Of the 12 solutions included, Docusign also had the highest number of reviews. 

    Tens of thousands of customers in the UK trust Docusign with their agreements. Docusign eSignature is also the highest-ranked e-signature app in Salesforce AppExchange. 

    Streamline complex contract workflows in a centralised platform—preparing, signing, managing, and analysing—so that contracting is smarter and goes beyond just a signature. Achieve faster time to value and avoid arduous implementation efforts by integrating quickly with APIs and more than 900 connectors. 

    Make it easy for anyone to agree, from within the tools and systems they use every day, by delivering a consistent and seamless experience on any device, including smartphones and tablets. 

84% of signers are more likely to continue doing business with a company that uses Docusign.

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  • “Worldwide eSignature Software Market Shares, 2021: Expanding Use Cases and Ecosystem.”International Data Corporation (IDC) Research Document, 2022.

  • Data as of March 2023.

  • Docusign (No) - 99.9% uptime with no maintenance downtime. Adobe Sign (Yes) - uptime SLA does not include scheduled maintenance.