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Docusign eSignature

The #1 way to send and sign documents

Make your business faster, simpler and more cost-efficient with electronic agreements. Agree with confidence, with intuitive signing experiences across virtually any device.

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Docusign eSignature by the numbers

How can your team save time and money by using eSignature?

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  • 15
    minutes or less to complete 44% of agreements, and 1 day or less to complete 79% of agreements
  • £30
    saved per document on average by reducing hard costs and improving employee productivity
  • 99.9%
    uptime, with no maintenance downtime
  • 900+
    secure, pre-built integrations to the applications you use every day
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Improve your customers’ experience

Consumers, partners, employees and vendors expect convenient, fast agreement experiences. Enable them to sign practically any type of agreement on almost any device.

And provide more intuitive experiences for your customers through custom branding and responsive signing.

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Boost business efficiency and reduce costs

Empower your teams to quickly prepare, route and approve agreements so they can focus on the big picture.

Get going quickly with dynamic document generation, collaborate with comments and shared templates and take advantage of configurable workflows to tackle your trickiest agreement challenges.

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Increase security and make compliance easier

Protect your agreements with enterprise-grade security and compliance controls without sacrificing the user experience. Get an added layer of security with enhanced signer identification and robust threat detection capabilities.

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Connect with all of the tools you already use

Easily integrate your agreements with your apps of choice, including Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, Zoom and more. Connect and extend your signature workflows with an industry-leading number of pre-built integrations and award-winning APIs.

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Create a free Docusign account to securely upload, sign and return documents digitally. Even those received as email attachments.

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Extend the power of eSignature

Docusign regularly releases new innovations to help your organisation enable better ways of working. Here are a few notable innovations.

  • SMS and WhatsApp delivery

    Get agreements signed faster with notifications delivered to signers’ mobile devices.

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  • Monitor

    Protect your agreements with activity tracking.

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  • Web Forms

    Streamline data collection and speed up signing.

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1 million customers and 1 billion users trust Docusign to…

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    Digitise the application process

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    Deliver smarter digital experiences

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    Boost efficiency

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Electronic signature guides and resources


Are electronic signatures legal?

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Getting Started with eSignature

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Go beyond eSignature. Manage your entire contract lifecycle.

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  • An electronic signature is a catch-all term for any electronic process that indicates acceptance of an agreement or a record. The UK eIDAS Regulations (amended form of the EU eIDAS Regulation) set out rules for UK trust services and establishes a legal framework for the provision and effect of electronic signatures, electronic seals, electronic time stamps, electronic documents, electronic registered delivery services and certificate services for website authentication.

    The UK eIDAS Regulations retain many aspects of the EU regulation but are tailored for use within the UK. The UK eIDAS Regulations provide for the following three levels of electronic signatures: simple electronic signaure (SES), qualified electronic signature (QES) and advanced electronic signature (QES). They are legally enforceable in most business and personal transactions worldwide. Learn more in our eSignature Legality Guide.

  • A digital signature is a type of electronic signature generated via a digital certificate. A digital signature helps securely associate a signer with a specific document. Digital signatures form a digital “fingerprint” and can be used to validate signer identity and demonstrate that the signed document has not been tampered with.

  • The terms “electronic signature” and “digital signature” are often conflated. For the vast majority of agreements and records, an electronic signature is sufficient. A digital signature is a subset of electronic signature that adds another layer of security to a signed document. A digital signature is supported with a digital certificate and uses Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), which adds proof of signer identity and enhanced security to a legally enforceable signature.

  • Yes, e-signatures are legally recognised around the world. In the UK, (amended form of the EU eIDAS Regulation) electronic signatures have been legally recognised under English law since 2002. And despite Brexit, they are also covered by the EU’s eIDAS regulation that was introduced in 2016. The creation of eIDAS helped eliminate ambiguity around the legal value of an electronic signature in the EU, allowing electronic signatures to be admitted in court as evidence and confirming that they cannot be denied legal effect because they are in electronic form. Many foreign jurisdictions also recognise the legal effect and admissibility of electronic records, such as the U.S. ESIGN Act and UETA. An electronic signature, like those supported by DocuSign eSignature, is typically all that is needed to create a legally enforceable document. There are laws that demand certain requirements for e-signatures to be deemed legally enforceable. Using a safe, secure service like DocuSign eSignature can help you meet these requirements.

    Read more about the legality of electronic signatures.

  • The majority of commonplace agreements and forms can be signed electronically. Examples of documents that may be signed electronically include NDAs, purchase orders, vendor agreements, insurance claims and hiring contracts.

  • With Docusign eSignature, signing is always free. Recipients click a link to open the agreement on a device of their choice, such a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Tabs and simple instructions guide the user through the signing process, even adopting an electronic signature. The recipient clicks Finish to save the signed document.

  • With Docusign eSignature, you can upload documents in formats such as Microsoft Word, PDF or other common formats. You can upload documents from your computer or popular file-sharing sites like Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive.

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