Is it easy to send and sign agreements from a mobile phone?

Docusign customers frequently ask us, “What is it like to create a mobile signature or send an agreement for signing from a mobile?” For customers that want to automate business processes, it’s important to find out if downloading and using an electronic signature app is easy. It’s not surprising that people want reassurance that it’s simple to download the app and close an agreement when they are on the go. It gives users the ability to sign agreements on the spot, gives your business a competitive advantage and makes it easier for employees to sign wherever they are. (Preventing employees from having to travel back to the office for an extra hour of printing or paperwork completion.)

Using the Docusign Mobile App

The Docusign app is simple and easy to use. When you download the Docusign app on your mobile, you can instantly complete, sign and return virtually any file or document type. This includes sales and supplier contracts, insurance forms, liability waivers, Non-Disclosure Agreements or new hire paperwork. 

How to Sign Documents on the Docusign Mobile App

Here’s a step by step guide to signing on a mobile:

  • Import the document you wish to upload from either an email attachment or another system such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or Evernote. Docusign supports almost any document format: PDF, Word, Excel, Text, HTML, JPEG, PNG, and more.
  • You can tap your mobile to place text boxes, date fields, checkboxes and signature fields to indicate to your recipients where to sign and how you would like them to complete the forms. Discover more about the basics of eSignature
  • If you are out at a client meeting, you can complete an agreement in-person by signing directly on a tablet or mobile. If working remotely, you can route via email from your mobile to all parties that need to complete the agreement.
  • To add your mobile signature, securely tap and place your own legally-binding signature and initials into the documents.
  • You’ll receive real-time push notifications when parties sign, and there is a full audit trail so you can see who has signed when and where.
  • When all parties have signed the document, you can save the document back in your Dropbox, Google Drive or other account type. All signed documents are also stored within Docusign for easy access anywhere, anytime. 

Is it Difficult to Read Contracts and Documents on a Mobile Screen?

You can Docusign almost any agreement with just a few clicks on your mobile, and it’s easy to navigate. The Docusign app is dynamic and mobile responsive. It’s a native app that offers an intuitive experience that empowers your team to get their work done wherever they are. (No pinching or zooming in required.) 

Docusign customers find that the mobile app can make their life much easier and it the app is highly regarded by iPhone users with a review rating of 4.9 stars. Docusign app users say, 

"I needed a few documents signed right away. This app made it tremendously easy to get that done without hiccups. I wholeheartedly recommend this app."

“I needed my documents in a hurry. Docusign had all my past papers compiled neatly with extremely good access, and it is easy to navigate.”

Get a free trial of signing on a mobile by simply downloading from your mobile app store: