Docusign for medical device manufacturers

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From clinical trials to manufacturing, sales and service agreements, the development of medical devices and diagnostics requires a large number of signatures and approvals from stakeholders around the world. Organisations can no longer afford to deal with manual and paper-based processes for critical business transactions in product development and beyond. 

Medical device industry leaders like Abbott Vascular , Amplifon , Boston Scientific , Medtronic, and Varian Medical Systems are using digital transaction management to bring innovative medical technologies to market faster and improve regulatory compliance.

Build, develop and support your devices more efficiently

You build cutting edge products that touch the lives of patients. The faster you can deliver these products, the better. Docusign helps you launch your products earlier and better by increasing the efficiency of your review and approval processes, while meeting global compliance standards. This is just one of the many reasons 12 of the world's top 15 medical device manufacturers choose Docusign as their digital signature solution. Whether it's preparing for clinical trials or entering into installation agreements—Docusign can save you time and money.

Go digital and improve innovation

Innovation is the engine of the medical device industry. It requires rethinking both how you design next-generation technology and how you prove the value of the products and services you provide. To be able to market effectively, you have to go digital. Docusign helps you by automating the agreement and approval processes, from procurement contracts, to researcher onboarding, to equipment calibration verification, and more. This way your staff can focus on product development and marketing instead of spending their time signing documents.

Meet regulatory requirements

Docusign solutions can be integrated into your workflow to automate compliance-related processes. Our online tools help ensure that the right people deliver the signatures, approvals and information needed at critical times. Docusign is a global solution, available in 44 languages ​​and used in 188 countries, that helps your staff and partners meet region-specific regulations and requirements, such as 21 CFR Part 11.

Increase sales and distribution

Once you've built your product and are ready to bring it to market, you still need to advertise, sell, deliver, and support it. Docusign is the fastest, most secure way to complete sales and service agreements from any device, anywhere. Even when your staff are in the field and off the network, they can sign time-sensitive documents.

Integrate with the tools you already use

Docusign works the way you do, integrating with the systems you have in place today - like Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365, and contract management systems - to close deals faster. We've partnered with technology providers like these to ensure a simple and seamless experience, so users can get their jobs done quickly, using familiar processes.

    The benefits of Docusign for drug manufacturers

    Reduced cycle time and development costs

    Life Sciences customers who adopted Docusign digital transaction management (DTM) reduced cycle time by an average of 3 weeks, with a 98% improvement in document processing time *. Across all industries, over 80% of documents are completed in one day on the trusted global Docusign network, and over 50% are completed through Docusign in one hour.

    Maximise sales and service productivity

    Get the most out of your technology investments and give your sales reps the tools they need to be successful in the field. Take advantage of Docusign's award-winning REST and SOAP APIs to integrate digital transaction management into your business applications and take advantage of our extensive partner ecosystem, which includes industry-leading solutions such as Microsoft Office 365,, SAP, Oracle, Box and many more, in addition to implementation partners like Deloitte and Accenture.

    Simplifying global collaboration

    Simplify collaboration between global teams, partners and vendors with the ability to approve and sign anytime, anywhere, on any device. Docusign is available in 44 languages, and more than 50 million users have completed hundreds of millions of documents in 188 countries on the trusted global Docusign network. Docusign is also the only platform that offers native mobile apps for all major platforms: iOS, Android and Windows.

    Improved regulatory compliance

    Docusign has partnered with industry experts to develop product features that meet standards for technology compliance with FDA and EMA regulations. Product capabilities include: - Pre-packaged account configuration - Credentials at signature level - Meaning of signature at signature level - Manifestation of signature (name in block letters, date / time and meaning signature)

    Assurance of security and availability of documents

    Docusign has full document encryption, robust anti-forgery controls, and most authentication options to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your data and to confirm the identity of parties carrying out transactions. Docusign is the only electronic signature provider to be xDTM, ISO 27001 and SSAE 16 certified and tested internationally, across the enterprise and its data centers. Docusign's carrier-grade system architecture, a first in SaaS, eliminates maintenance downtime and ensures the highest level of performance resiliency and data integrity.

    Medical device use cases

    With Docusign, you can automate a wide variety of including:

    • Sales and service contracts
    • Installation checklists
    • Online prescriptions
    • Medical certificate required
    • Assignment of services
    • Forms for investigators
    • Clinical trial documentation
    • Field service reports
    • Device tracking
    • History and device master saves
    • Quality agreements
    • Validation plans
    • Non-disclosure agreements
    • Contracts with sellers
    • Purchase orders
    • HR Forms

    * Source: Third Party Value Engineering Assessment for a subset of Docusign's Life Sciences clients. The turnaround time for documents in the different sectors is based on annual data from Docusign transactions.