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The process of getting pharmaceutical products to market depends on collecting and retaining a large number of signatures. For clinical trials, sales and sample management, KOL agreements, and a wide variety of compliance processes, obtaining signatures on paper is highly inefficient, fraught with errors, and puts you at risk. Use DocuSign to streamline these processes, reduce costs to your business, and improve your compliance stance.



Streamline clinical trials

DocuSign can help make your clinical trials faster, more efficient, and easier to manage. Administer consent forms, weekly waivers, and physician paperwork online to reduce staff time requirements and process errors, while increasing your ability to comply with 21CFR Part 11, Corporate Integrity Agreements (CIAs), and other regulations.
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Improve sales and sample management

From PDMA (Prescription Drug Marketing Association) to HIPAA to 21CFR part 11, there are strict requirements that govern pharmaceutical sampling. Maintaining signatures manually is time-consuming and costly. Sales teams can gather signatures online or from any device. Automated reminders replace manual calls, and DocuSign provides complete audit reporting, audit trail, and retention capabilities.
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Managing and maintaining KOL agreements

Strict regulations and sometimes CIAs govern payments, tracking, and accounting for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). DocuSign simplifies the KOL agreement process while greatly reducing the risk of non-compliance. And robust authentication options including digital certificates from SAFE-BioPharma provide additional verification should you need it.
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Efficient regulatory compliance for Pharma

The regulatory environment for pharmaceutical companies today is complex and costly to manage. Switching to all-electronic signature workflows enabled by DocuSign can introduce greater efficiencies while ensuring compliance with a broad range of regulations including ESIGN, UETA, ETSI, HIPAA, and 21CFR Part 11.
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Automating HR processes

HR departments must manage a tremendous amount of employee paperwork. DocuSign enables you to make key processes like hiring, onboarding, and benefits enrollment paper-free, saving your staff valuable time, reducing costs associated with printing, shipping and faxing, and helping you maintain 100% new hire and employee compliance.
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