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The DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Life Sciences

Less paperwork, more efficiency

Manual processes and paper are still widely used in many life science organisations, delaying product launches, and increasing development costs. The DocuSign Agreement Cloud™ connects the entire agreement process, increasing efficiency and productivity, so you can get to market faster and keep your business moving forward.

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Twelve of the world’s top 15 global pharmaceutical companies are DocuSign customers

From clinical trial onboarding to vendor contracts, DocuSign eSignature meets the needs of pharmaceutical organisations while supporting compliance with industry regulations like 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, eIDAS and EMA. By eliminating paper and manual processes, DocuSign improves the efficiency of clinical, quality, and internal operations—accelerating the development and delivery of treatments to market.

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Fourteen of the top 15 medical device manufacturers choose DocuSign

From clinical testing to sales contracts to service agreements, developing medical devices and diagnostics requires many agreements. That’s why the leading medical device manufacturers use the DocuSign Agreement Cloud™ to accelerate product development and commercialisation.

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Use cases

From investigator onboarding to sales agreements, the DocuSign Agreement Cloud for Life Sciences allows business to be done faster with less risk, lower costs, and better experiences for patients, physicians, partners, and employees.

Physician engagement

Peer influence is paramount to reach physicians in today’s always-on environment. Managing agreements with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL), researchers, and Healthcare Professionals (HCP) enables trusted and compliant relationships.

Patient engagement

Deliver a superior experience for patients by making it easier to comply with treatment and to receive assistance.

Clinical development

Groundbreaking therapies start with clinical trials. Reduce the cost of R&D and meet enrollment targets with on-demand, digital enrollment processes.

Audit and compliance

Automate regulated operations in a way that enhances compliance and auditability.

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