• 50%

    Of administrative tasks are now automated
  • 63%

    Of contracts delivered within a week

Math Pathways partners with Docusign and Salesforce to accelerate growth

Maths Pathway’s online learning and teaching model supports teachers to deliver personalised learning to every student – increasing growth and engagement in maths.

Maths Pathway has always been a digital first business. It invests in the best tools to achieve growth, reach new opportunities and ensure its lessons and resources get delivered in a premium manner.

So, when the business began outgrowing its startup reputation, it started looking for new digital partners to help support its growth.

Laura Marinesco, the Director of Public Engagement  at Maths Pathway, says that she wanted to have one source of truth when she joined the business.

“We had several elements that were not talking to each other. We wanted to find a better way to connect all these systems and find efficiency,” she says.

Fixing the issue with Docusign and Salesforce

Maths Pathway’s contractual process was a time-consuming task that required significant customisation and it was a manual process that easily lend itself to human error. The occasional mistake paired with the constant need to chase these documents would often create friction between employee and customer.

Additionally, the time devoted to this meant less time spent on selling or servicing customers as well as a significant delay in revenue. From closing an opportunity to having contracts signed it used to take up to 3 months, sometimes pushing revenue into the following year.. “We needed to find a frictionless approach immediately,” confirms Laura.

These pain points led to a partnership with Docusign. The platform was able to support Maths Pathway during its growth and reduced administrative tensions.

“Everyone used to complain about documents, changing specs, adding clauses, getting it wrong, chasing people. But since introducing Docusign, all that drama has gone away,” says Laura.

“It won’t be 100% right the first time. But the possibility of improving processes and automating them over time - giving your business the chance to scale - is worth it. It was such a surprise in terms of how fast everything was digitised.”

Customers felt very at ease with using the new technology and e-Signature platform. “It makes their life easier too. The automation of reminders is also a blessing, it means someone doesn’t need to call them every other day,” Laura adds.

A partner in growth

Maths Pathway is now onboarding all of its staff entirely online– with over 37% of contracts being signed and delivered in less than a day and over 63% in a week, compared to three months. The software has also increased efficiencies in the sales process.

“The finance  team used to handle the auditing and reconciling process of accounts manually. The whole process including generating new invoices would take around three months. It is now all handled by Docusign and Salesforce,” Laura explains.

“Maths Pathway has a mantra of doing things in a more efficient way and creating processes for better impact and support for our customers. Partnering with Docusign is part of that. The platform has helped us grow and streamline our business.”

Education is constantly developing, and COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for further acceleration in the uptake of new technology.

For businesses looking to increase digitisation, Laura recommends doing the homework and figuring out the long-term plan.

“There is no point investing in a quick-fix. It can destroy your business. You can also lose trust from your customers and employees as well,” she says.

“Partner with businesses that you know will support your needs and future growth.”

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