hipages, the online platform that connects residential and commercial customers, aims to transform the trade industry in Australia. 

Its focus on improving the customer journey and internal processes has led the technology business to partner with Docusign.  

Chief People and Culture Officer, Jodette Cleary, shares how the partnership with the eSignature platform helps hipages add value to where it matters most. 

Working smart

When Jodette joined the business in 2015, the signing and sending of contracts took several days. Since introducing Docusign and integrating the eSignature platforms into parts of its business, hipages has transformed parts of the business to being paperless. 

“Docusign eSignature technology has helped my department become 100% paperless,” Jodette says.“Docusign is simple and efficient. You just set and forget.” 

Aside from simplifying and streamlining the documentation process, Docusign technology has also freed up much time. On recognising this, hipages have started to roll out the platform to other parts of its business, including legal, sales and service teams, communication with customers, suppliers and vendors. “It means that we can add real value in other parts and support the team,” Jodette says. 

Competitive advantage 

The feedback about Docusign has been positive from across the board including future employees and current customers. “Candidates are often surprised by how quick they receive their contract following obtaining a verbal job offer,” Jodette says.

The business, where a job is posted every 20 seconds and has had more than 3 million Australians using its platform to date, continues to grow and transform Australia’s home improvement sector.

“Docusign has helped us grow and simplify processes,” confirms Jodette. “The opportunities for hipages in the marketplace are enormous.”