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GlobalX is building the future of legal technology

Empowering customer and employee productivity

Peter Maloney is an avid marathon runner, digital enthusiast and the Group Chief Executive Officer of the legal technology business GlobalX.  He is also serious about empowering customer productivity and building the next generation of legal technology through innovation, collaboration and successful partnerships.

“The purpose of GlobalX is simple,” Peter says. “It is about empowering productivity. That’s what drives our staff and customers.”

Recognised as one of Australia’s largest and leading technology companies, GlobalX actively seeks electronic solutions that enable its clients to get hold of the necessary information quickly. The business also provides premium software to elevate productivity to lawyers and conveyancers across Australia and the UK.

“The end-user of the law firm wants more openness and more transparency into their legal file and legal matter,” Peter explains. 

He further adds that if businesses can see the world through their customer’s eyes, they can find the solution. “For many of our solution and software development processes, the customer is in the room with us.”

Introducing Docusign was one strategy where GlobalX listened, acted, and ultimately changed how its customers work day‑to‑day for the better. Peter shares how the platform has become ubiquitous in the customer’s daily life.

The days of carrying of paper are almost dead and buried

Market demands and a shift in people’s mindset to move away from the quill, ink and paper model spurred the introduction of electronic signatures. Customers had started realising the hassle of carrying stacks of paper and the potential of digital signatures.

Acting on this shift and in the interest of introducing a seamless solution to paper contracts, GlobalX signed a partnership with Docusign.

“We looked for an organisation that took security seriously. It had to understand that our customers are lawyers, and their data is highly sensitive. Docusign was the solution that was able to demonstrate those high standards of security.”
Peter Maloney
Group CEO

GlobalX has embedded the Docusign platform into its workflow as an add-on to Microsoft Word. “The SignMe add-on enables the customer to instantly tag the document and send it for electronic signing via Word,” Peter explains.

Because the Docusign eSignature API integrates simply and seamlessly into a range of applications, it simplifies IT requirements while still making the lawyer far more efficient in their day-to-day preparation of legal documents.

Innovation is a large part of GlobalX 

The digital transformation that’s swept the world has provided businesses and people with many benefits – in a financial sense and in work-life balance. 

Electronic signing, both internally and externally for GlobalX’s customers, has been one of those critical areas of innovation and transformation. Customers can now access the required documents via their phones whenever they please. “Changing the way our customers work day‑to‑day has been a significant game-changer for us,” Peter says. 

Accelerated by the global spread of COVID-19, the use of electronic signatures has rapidly become the norm. “Imagine a world where almost 120,000 lawyers were sent home to work with no printers, no gateway or access to their customers,” he notes.“Now, they quickly and happily adopted electronic signatures. And it’s changed that process forever.”

Every document and interaction is done digitally

To save on time and increase productivity levels, GlobalX uses Docusign internally for every document, particularly those engaged with employees.  

“Imagine a new employee with a new employment contract or a new customer signing a contract to use GlobalX products and services,” Peter says. “That’s all done via Docusign. It’s part of our day-to-day world.” In one simple step, the technology platform has cut down on hours and hours of work and streamlined several processes.   

Customers can now generate an electronic contract of sale, then send the contract out for electronic signing, which has Docusign as the backbone of it. “We’re building workflow across a process, removing the need for paper, and digitising every aspect of it,” Peter acknowledges.

With more than 5,000 lawyers logging in and using one of GlobalX’s many platforms, the company is dedicated to ensuring a premium and seamless service. 

“The future of GlobalX is really exciting. We are never going to take our eyes off the ball, and we are always looking for new ways to build innovative legal technology,” Peter shares.