• <4

    Weeks to implement DocuSign CLM
  • 20-40

    Hours saved per week for Facebook’s HR team
  • 200k+

    Documents digitised

Facebook’s growth has been nothing short of extraordinary: between 2012 and 2020 the social platform’s monthly active users have grown from 1 billion to more than 2.7 billion. During this period of growth, Facebook’s HR team sustained periods of intense hiring and onboarding, with an average of 50 employees joining the company per week through traditional hiring and acquisitions. As Facebook continued to expand to its current size of 50,000 employees, the HR team knew that transforming its onboarding process with a digital document management solution would increase their efficiency and make them a far more strategic part of the company’s growth.

Facebook had three main goals when looking for a document management solution: First, the HR team needed to cut down on the time they spent on onboarding. They dedicated three out of five days to onboarding per week, which greatly reduced the attention given to veteran employees and other HR responsibilities. Next, they wanted a better experience for new hires and partners with a streamlined and automated onboarding process from the offer letter to their first day of work. Lastly, as one of the biggest and most important technology companies in the world, Facebook knew it was time to go digital and paperless. To help streamline this transition and improve its onboarding process, Facebook selected Docusign CLM. 

Faster employee onboarding with documents in the cloud

Prior to Docusign CLM, the HR department processed paperwork manually, which lengthened the onboarding process for everyone. These inefficient workflows meant less time for new hires to learn about the company and their new jobs and fewer hours current HR employees could spend on other responsibilities. 

With Docusign CLM, HR employees were given hours back because the onboarding process was fully automated. Facebook implemented Docusign CLM in the U.S. in less than four weeks, which included digitising over 200,000 paper files and documents. In the first week of activation, Facebook’s HR team was able to save 20 hours of paper file management, which equaled a 100% ROI realised.

Integration, accuracy and compliance with Docusign CLM

Before implementing Docusign CLM, Facebook HR employees had to hand deliver offer letters and tax forms to the payroll department. This extra manual step slowed down the hiring process and created auditing and compliance issues. The HR department often faced errors on paperwork such as missing fields and inconsistencies across global regions. 

By fully integrating Docusign CLM’s automated workflows with Salesforce, Workday and ADP, Facebook’s hiring documents are now routed between new employees and their HR representative, eliminating the old paper system. Docusign CLM forms are now used to automate direct deposit, tax and other HR paperwork. New hire documents and offer letters are immediately generated from Workday and can be signed via e-signature. Once signed offer letters are received, new hires are sent a link to the HR portal where they can login and complete all the required paperwork digitally, which is then routed directly to the correct department. 

After the success of their U.S. CLM deployment, the EMEA and other global regions soon followed and the time Facebook’s HR team saved quickly increased to more than 40 hours per week. With Docusign CLM, the HR team can focus on other strategic work, new hires are more easily onboarded and Facebook can continue to efficiently scale its global workforce.