TasNetworks delivers power to Tasmanians. Efficiency is important, communication is vital, and trust is crucial. When COVID-19 hit, TasNetworks had to figure out how to support its employees and ensure its 295,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers receive their electricity supply.

“Our business has a lot of governance. Approvals often need to go to multiple layers of the organisation. Our employees struggled at times to get through all the paperwork, resulting in significant delays in the approval process,” explains Kim Ayres, the Sourcing and Procurement Team Leader at TasNetworks.

In late 2021, TasNetworks adopted eSignature to help streamline time-consuming and mundane tasks, giving time back to employees and creating better operational systems.

“TasNetworks is a large organisation. Staff can’t always walk around the corner and put a document on someone’s desk,” Kim says. “Some of our Leaders used to have set days when they would sign documents. Docusign helps our people use their time and workday more efficiently.”

The software is now across its procurement and people culture and community teams and the HR and legal services department.

The first step to digital transformation 

The COVID-19 pandemic was the driving force for TasNetworks. Kim says that as an organisation they’ve been talking about digitising for several years. “But when COVID-19 forced everyone to work from home, many employees didn’t have printers and scanners. They’d be taking photos of documents and emailing them or using PDF signatures,” she says. 

TasNetworks also noticed that many of its external partners were using Docusign, encouraging the organisation to swap wet ink for eSignatures. 

The adoption: Highs and lows

There was also no resistance or significant challenges in rolling out Docusign to the team.

“We told the staff to get in touch if anyone is experiencing any issues with the software – and no one did,” Kim says. She adds that the team has welcomed the change and support. 

“There’s not been one negative comment. I think part of that is how Docusign has engaged with us. They were informative, supportive and great to deal with,” Kim notes.

Increasing productivity and efficiency 

Since using eSignature, employee productivity has significantly improved, with more time allocated for growth and interesting work. 

“Job satisfaction has also increased because processes are easier. Before, we were waiting two weeks or more to get agreements back, and now it’s averaging a two day turnaround,” Kim says.

“Sometimes I’m sitting there, sending a document, and within five minutes, I receive an email saying they’ve viewed it,” she says. 

“It saves a lot of time and has enhanced everyone’s quality of work life. I’m sure that will only continue to improve as we roll out to more departments.”