Security, seamlessness and credibility led Ananda Development to choose Docusign

Since 1999, Ananda Development has continued to develop its brands and urban living solutions, resulting in becoming the leading developer of residential projects in Bangkok.

Three years ago, Ananda Development made a decision to help future-proof the business and strengthen its leadership status.

Docusign partnered with Fusion Solution, a software house with more than 16 years’ experience, to roll out Docusign eSignature and streamline contract signing at Ananda Development.

“We were looking for a new digital solution that would help our employees do the work faster and support our global growth,” says Chutiwat Vivatsurakit, Digital Innovation Lead at Ananda Development.

The digital tool also had to be easy, safe, reliable, and accessible to local and international agencies and contractors.

“Docusign is a global well-known eSignature tool with high credibility. In 2018, eSignatures in Thailand weren’t as popular or known, and not many people accepted them,” says Chutiwat.

Chutiwat and his team had to build a business case for senior management to explain why Docusign was worth the investment and how it would help the business.

“We also compared Docusign to other competitors and found that its features and functions were better suited to us. The software was seamless in terms of UX and UI,” he says.

“Security is also crucial. People often look at the price when comparing solutions without evaluating security and other requirements.”

Docusign proved itself

Before Docusign, agreements made between the company existed in Thailand and other local and international parties were manual and time-consuming.

“When we introduced Docusign, employees were working in the office full-time, and many people were not seeing the benefits of using Docusign. But now, because we are completely working from home, the demand and usage of the platform are much higher,” says Chutiwat.

From the sale process to procurement, and with teams situated across the world, including China, Thailand, and Singapore, Docusign has been deployed internally and externally across Ananda Development.

The company also intends to expand Docusign across its electronic sales and rental contracts between customers and the sales team.

The future of work: Ananda Development

Docusign’s impact on processes was noticed right away, with faster agreement approvals, and the chance to track the contract’s signing journey.

Based on the results from 2020, using Docusign’s eSignature platform helped increase Ananda Development’s documentation approval process by 70%, with a turnaround time of around 48 hours.

Since seeing the success and ease of Docusign, the business has put automation at the forefront of its future strategy and focus.

Chutiwat says that as part of its digital innovation strategy, the company has launched robotic process automation (RPA), a new process automation device that's based on software robots or artificial intelligence workers.

This technology helps automate repetitive administrative tasks, thus creating time for customer relations, seeking growth opportunities and future planning.

“We aim to build innovative living solutions for customers and be a leader in this space. To achieve our goals, we need partners who are equally as forethinking. Docusign has helped leverage our business and ensure zero agreement delays during COVID-19,” says Chutiwat.

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