Two Docusign customers share the secret to transforming their IT agreements 

Across industries, IT leaders face some big challenges right now. From the growing threat of cybercrime as workforces become digitally dispersed, to the task of taming the complexity of multi-cloud environments, to managing risk and compliance – the number of balls IT teams keep in the air on any given day is nothing short of remarkable. 

No wonder they’re crying out for simpler and faster ways to operate. And no wonder so many are choosing Docusign to help manage all the agreements circulating in IT departments and beyond. 

As we explore in a new eBook, How Docusign customers are revolutionising IT agreements, a whole range of IT workflows can easily, quickly and cost-effectively transform with Docusign. From getting signatures on new vendor agreements to confirming someone has complied with a clause on an agreement, it’s possible to digitise and automate all these different steps in IT workflows – which ultimately saves IT time and frees them up to focus on keeping all those more important balls in the air. 

Here are two great examples of how IT teams are using Docusign to streamline systems and free up time. You can read the stories in full in the eBook.

William Buck Victoria’s IT team serves a tech-savvy client base

William Buck eBook

Chartered Accounting firm William Buck Victoria has made the bold decision to digitise its tax return process and swap physical signatures with electronic ones. Its IT team led the charge to transform a manual, paper-based process into a completely digital one. 

As a result, the time to complete and lodge tax returns has been slashed. What once took at least a week now takes a day – and the digital-first experience delivers a distinct competitive advantage.

IT Manager Lalitha Koya sums up the benefits. “There are a lot of accounting firms out there and all kinds of apps. We can’t differentiate just by doing things faster. What we can do is lead by innovation and offer an experience that’s digital and frictionless all the way through. Technologies like Docusign help us do that.”

Carers ACT’s IT team delivers a secure system for managing agreements

Carer's ACT eBook

When you’re dealing with highly sensitive personal information, the security of digital systems is paramount. And, when you’re dealing with multiple types of agreements with thousands of users, things can start to get messy. 

Which is why the IT team at Carers ACT decided to start using Docusign. “Implementing Docusign at Carers ACT has revolutionised how we manage signed documents. This consistent, secure approach to document management has created efficiencies in the document signing process, as well as eliminating the need to chase and review document status,” said Sharon Scott, Team Leader, Carer Support.

In fact, thanks to the IT team’s work in streamlining processes, Carers IT has saved about 650 hours of work – which they can redirect into helping the people who matter most to them, the carers.

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