Docusign Customer Awards 2024: Recognising Innovation and Remarkable Results

Each year, we recognise organisations that have made significant progress and seen success in finding smarter, easier ways for people to come together and agree. These Docusign Customer Award recipients inspire us with how they are transforming their agreement processes with Docusign to achieve remarkable results.

We received more than 380 nominations from 21 countries, spanning companies of all sizes and various industries and these nominations stood out for their innovation, best-practice Docusign implementation, and business impact. Thank you for your nominations and congratulations to all of you who have experienced tremendous success! 

And now, congratulations to our 2024 award recipients!

Digital Transformation

Recipients: Santander Consumer USA, Santander UK, Arezzo&Co

Customer Experience Excellence

Recipients: Shell International Petroleum Company, JPMorgan

Innovation in Action 

Recipients: Flowserve, Meta Platforms


Recipients: Doctolib, Gazin

Change Champions

Recipients: Red Hat, MAN Truck & Bus SE, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Growth Driver (NEW for 2024)

Recipients: Adeva, SPM HOLDINGS PTE LTD

Hear about their initiatives and success in their own words.

Digital Transformation

This award recognises customers who have embraced digital transformation and implemented Docusign solutions in ways that have significantly improved business processes. Recipients demonstrated a commitment to leveraging technology to streamline processes, reduce paper and optimise business results.

Santander UK

“As a global leader in financial services, we’re transforming businesses and empowering communities with product, services, and contributions, but more importantly, we’re enriching the lives of our clients. Working with our business and legal teams, we re-wrote our facility agreement documents with automation at their core. As a result we now have a fully automated facility agreement that includes complex mechanics such as conditions, covenants, and full suites of security. Over our ongoing transformation journey [using Docusign CLM], processing times have continuously reduced. Average document generation times have reduced by over 600% since pre-Docusign. Even moving from a part to a fully automated solution saw a processing time reduction of approximately 400%.”

Santander Consumer USA

“Among auto lenders, Santander Consumer USA is one of the country’s titans, providing financing solutions to more than three million consumers through over 14,000 dealerships nationwide. Santander Consumer shaved days off of the total onboarding time by creating a streamlined, automated workflow that minimises manual work, errors and back-and-forth between dealers, sales associates and the enrollment team. After implementing Docusign, the average turnaround time to bring new dealers on board is down by close to four days. Sales teams are loving it, they’ve reduced their dealer onboarding tasks from three hours to about 15 minutes. Santander Consumer not only elevated the customer onboarding experience, making it smarter, easier and more trusted, but it also delivered major efficiency gains for internal teams.”


“Founded in 1972, Arezzo celebrated its 50th anniversary and currently stands out as the largest women's footwear retail brand in Latin America. The company has a multichannel approach, based on sales through Franchises, Owned Stores, Ecommerce and Multibrands. Arezzo adopted Docusign as its main tool for formalizing agreements and documents. This initiative not only brought legal certainty, but also strengthened the reliability of the sales channel, establishing a positive relationship for all parties involved.”

Customer Experience Excellence

This award recognises customers who are delivering outstanding customer experiences with the use of Docusign solutions. Recipients demonstrate a commitment to providing a seamless, user-friendly experience for customers, partners, and stakeholders. 

Shell International Petroleum Company

“Docusign CLM has been introduced to Shell under the umbrella of CICAF 2.0 (Contracts I Can Actually Find) Program. Our mission is to transform the way we do Sales contracting by automating the end-to-end contract management and CICAF 2.0 [using Docusign] was able to fulfill this journey for our Business Mobility partners. Championing collaboration, agile, and strong CI (Continuous Improvement) mindset, we were able to successfully deploy a total of 12 markets combined 2022-2023 in Business Mobility and recorded up to 100% user uptake to these live markets, at present.

Today, users from these live markets are enjoying a clear and streamlined process of contract activities – from contract request to digital signature and storage.”

JPMorgan Chase

“At JPMorgan Chase, the Commercial Bank services ~$245B in loans across 30k+ clients, annually. Through our arrangement with Docusign, clients are able to securely view, digitally sign and upload documents in just minutes. Primary challenges we faced prior to Docusign included an inefficient lending process, exposure to security risks, and inconvenient client experiences. We adopted Docusign E-signature and have streamlined the lending process by digitising paperwork to expedite the turnaround time for deal closures. The original wet signature process took ~2 weeks from client to booking; Docusign has streamlined that by 50% in most cases. The robust Authentication methods have addressed the security concerns and now provide a secure environment for sensitive lending documents. By offering digital signing, we’ve enhanced the overall client experience through a modern document management solution.”

Innovation in Action

This award recognises customers who pioneer new ways of doing business, whether it's through custom applications, integrations, automation or creative use of Docusign solutions. Recipients demonstrate a willingness to take risks, experiment with new use cases, and push the boundaries of what's possible.


“The Legal Department at Flowserve isn’t simply keeping pace with change, we are driving it. Our innovative spirit has seen us spearhead transformative initiatives in three key areas: eNotary and eSign User adoption, end-to-end digital Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM), and strategic partnerships. These initiatives, fueled by dedicated collaboration and community leadership, have revolutionised our internal processes and positioned us as a thought leader in the legal tech landscape.

Just a few of the highlights that quantify the impact:

+ Contract review time and costs consistently decreasing

+ Automating CLM Reporting and Dashboards saved 4680 hours

+ 30% more efficiency in Contract Review

+ 10% more contracts year over year

+ $1.4B in contracts managed through CLM, with a project to bring in another $1B underway

+ 20% growth in eSign year over year

Flowserve has embraced a portfolio of Docusign products to make our work more efficient and improve transparency and management of our documentation assets.”

Meta Platforms

‘Prior to the adoption of Docusign, we encountered substantial difficulties in analysing more than a million agreements with customers, partners, and suppliers. The escalating number of contracts led to longer response times to analytics inquiries from business, compliance, and legal departments, affecting our operational productivity and risk control. To tackle this issue, we set up a Center of Excellence for Contract Risk Analytics ("CRA"). We have witnessed a substantial improvement in our capacity to handle contract analytics requests on a large scale. On average, we are now capable of processing 150 requests per month, each with varying degrees of complexity and impact. 


This category recognises customers who are redefining how people come together and agree. These organisations lead by example and demonstrate how they’re positively impacting their organisation, community or the world.


“Doctolib has a very unique platform where they connect patients to health care providers (clinics, practices, hospitals etc.) for appointment booking and virtual appointments. Doctolib itself works with the providers as businesses (invoicing, agreements etc.). While eSignature covers all corporate business needs for Doctolib, CLM is a game changer when it comes to the Key Account processes with large hospitals. The account management and agreement management with their key accounts is completely digitised leading to an efficient and most importantly compliant process.”


“Founded in 1966 in Douradina, Paraná, the Gazin group is one of the main Brazilian retailers specialising in furniture and household appliances and has 325 stores spread across 10 states and 200 municipalities, in addition to other operations. In 2020, the Gazin group put its digital transformation plan into practice to optimise the operations of the chain's stores and administration. The benefits seen from using Docusign were diverse. Currently, approximately 90% of Gazin's 75,000 monthly contracts are digital, and the time to complete subscriptions has been cut in half. The finance and personnel departments also saw 60% savings in paper and printing costs.”  

Change Champions

These organisations have gone above and beyond to champion the use of new technology from within. Recipients demonstrate commitment to driving adoption and ensuring employees, customers and stakeholders fully leverage the power of Docusign solutions. 

Red Hat

“Red Hat implemented Docusign CLM in conjunction with Salesforce CPQ to create an end to end agreement process that aligned with their business processes. A sales executive is now able to initiate agreements directly through Salesforce and has access to a clause library for legal approved non-standard language. In addition, tasks such as legal review, internal approvals and external review have all been automated through workflows. Red Hat is seeing agreements complete 18% faster with an 82% success rate for all agreements sent with Docusign. An average of 8,500 contracts for direct customers are executed each year and an average of 30,000 sales-related envelopes are sent for signature each year. Since implementing Docusign, Red Hat is also seeing a huge impact to their ESG performance by saving over 3.5 million sheets of paper. We have enabled 7,000 users on Docusign CLM in less than 7 months! Achieving our CRM Modernisation vision requires significant cross-organisational collaboration, an in-depth understanding of the business, and a comprehensive change management strategy.”

MAN Truck & Bus SE

"Whether trucks, buses or vans: MAN Truck & Bus is one of the leading European commercial vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, MAN is facing the challenges of electromobility, digitalisation and automation. Even today, the success of selling a commercial vehicle still largely depends on the personal relationship between the seller and the customer. Here it is important to strike a balance between efficient sales processes and necessary direct customer contacts. With Docusign we are able to avoid unnecessary travel costs. The contract signing no longer necessarily has to be carried out on site. At the same time, the digitalisation of the sales documents helps us to accelerate document management while maintaining legal certainty. The documentation for a single vehicle order can contain up to 65 pages. With well over 100,000 vehicles sold worldwide each year, a lot of paper quickly accumulates. With Docusign we can make contract signing completely paperless.” 

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

“At Bendigo & Adelaide Bank, our innovative use of Docusign, coupled with strategic technology integrations, has redefined our approach to digital transformation, exemplifying innovation in action.

Our Docusign enterprise-level support team, though small, operates on a strategic 'divide and conquer' approach to manage and advance our use of the platform. My colleague focuses on maintaining and designing traditional templates, ensuring the ongoing success of our established processes. Meanwhile, I am dedicating my efforts towards more ambitious, long-term projects, including a no-code solution that aims to circumvent the delays in our microservice development. Last year, through the use of Docusign the Group benefited $1.4m productivity saving and reduced hard costs by $550K. With new features introduced, and a steady increase in platform use this will continue to grow.”

Growth Driver

New to our awards program is the Small Business Growth Driver category, specifically designed to honor the achievements of our small business customers harnessing the power of Docusign to achieve remarkable results in a competitive environment.


At Adeva, we change the way work works, by connecting the world’s best global talent with the world’s best companies. We champion the rise of independent talent in the marketplace enabling companies and individuals to succeed on their own terms. The implementation of e-signature has significantly shortened the time required to finalise contracts. Operating on a global scale, the duration to secure a signed contract from clients or talents has been reduced from 20 days to 48 hours. This expedited signing process has positively influenced our onboarding procedures, directly contributing to a substantial increase in revenue by over 3000%. Remarkably, this growth has been achieved without the necessity of expanding our administrative team or escalating departmental expenses.

SPM Holdings PTE LTD

Before embracing Docusign, SPM Holdings Pte Ltd faced significant hurdles in our document-centric processes. Lengthy approval cycles, manual paperwork, and the necessity for physical signatures introduced delays and inefficiencies, impacting both operational efficiency and the overall customer experience. The implementation of Docusign has resulted in tangible cost savings by eliminating expenses associated with printing, shipping, and physical storage. Beyond cost, the newfound efficiency has empowered us to reallocate resources towards strategic initiatives, driving overall business growth.

Congrats again to all of our award recipients. Your progress and success in finding smarter, easier ways for people to come together and agree is truly inspiring. 

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