Dentons positions itself as a digital leader, saving on costs and reducing its environmental footprint

By Brad Newton, vice president, Australia and New Zealand, Docusign

Dentons (previously known as Gadens) is a leading independent Australian law firm with 135 partners and over 1100 staff in offices throughout Australia, Singapore and PNG.

Dentons handles the sales contracts for large-scale residential off-the-plan developments. During sales launches, it would review hundreds of thousands of pieces of paper in one day and spend tens of thousands of dollars in related storage and transportation costs.

Dentons knew there had to be a more efficient way to do things. It took the idea of electronically exchanging contracts to Docusign which provided the technology platform for the exchange to be executed.

Dentons is now using Docusign’s eSignature technology within its property arm for the sale of large scale residential lots. With a new development like Crown’s Infinity 300 apartment complex at Green Square, we were able to help Dentons save over $70,000 in paper and transportation costs.

Prior to adopting Docusign’s eSignature technology, a sale of this size would require two mini-vans full of contracts to travel to the sales office, back to the office, and then to the parties concerned. Now they can exchange contracts on just a few iPads.

The benefit of incorporating our technology for Dentons was three-fold in monetary savings, time savings, and reduction in its environmental footprint.

In the words of Steve Healy, Partner and National Head of Dentons Property Group “Looking to the future it’s a no-brainer, paperless is where we’re heading and Docusign can support us to do that.”

So, if you’ve got a paper-less future in mind for your business, call Docusign on 1-800-255-982 and we will help you get there.

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