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White Paper

Preparing for the Future of Higher Education

There’s little doubt that the last few years have witnessed an acceleration in change facing higher education establishments. Universities have faced everything from competition from online learning providers; the arrival of free online learning courses (such as MOOCs), to competition from vocational learning providers, and much more. The result is that universities need to constantly adapt to ensure they attract the brightest minds to their places of study.

DocuSign research found that more than two-thirds of students (67%) say they’d reconsider a university after having a poor online application process. Today, students and other stakeholders want a seamless, digital experience—one that creates confidence in them as much as it does ease of use.

This eBook will look at some of the online contract requirements some universities are now exploring. It will argue that by embracing change (and by presenting an exceptional user experience), the future for universities is very bright indeed.