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White Paper

DocuSign Future Ready Business Report

The DocuSign Future Ready Business Report explores the challenges and opportunities facing organisations as they look to create a future-ready workplace. We questioned 450 UK Business Decision Makers across all sectors of industry, from start-ups to enterprises, on how well equipped they are to adapt to the changing way people work and companies do business.

We examined the impact digital technology has had on the workplace, and the need to support future growth through best-practice business processes and robust infrastructure. Underpinning the findings is a clear understanding that digital innovation catalyses business ability to capitalise on opportunities and unlocks the tools for future success.

In this report we will explore the ways UK businesses are readying themselves for future change. We will find out how much value they are placing on flexibility, technology and processes in order to provide more adaptable working environments, and uncover the biggest blockers to feeling well set up to respond to future change.