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On-Demand Webinar

How Regulatory Changes are Impacting Legal Technology in Financial Services

Watch this on-demand webinar with leading industry experts from SYKE and DocuSign as they discuss the current state of the industry, share best practice, and demonstrate how advances in technology are leading the way to a smarter future.

You’ll also hear their 5 simple steps to enabling GCs to sleep at night (spoiler: it doesn’t involve counting sheep, meditation or self-medication), including how you can:

  • Search, observe, monitor all existing contract obligations, terms and provisions

  • Enable your customers to have a digital contract experience for anything they want to do

  • Reduce your reliance on your most expensive resource – your people

  • Know, ahead of execution, if a contract breaches any of your policies before it even touches the legal team

  • Create a dynamic map of friction points and bottlenecks in a user-friendly dashboard

Note: This event is co-sponsored by SYKE.  As such, your contact information (name, email) collected during event sign-up may be shared with SYKE.  Information regarding SYKE’s privacy policy is available here.