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On-Demand Webinar

Digital Transformation ROI: understanding the value of your investment

We live in a world of continuous evolution where digital transformation becomes a means of survival. The importance of having a strategy in place has been highlighted numerous times in the last year, with things like cloud computing serving as a catalyst for digital transformation.

As cloud computing and digital transformation gain speed, and with most organisations already somewhere on this journey, how do you measure ROI for your digital transformation?

In this on-demand webinar, we are joined by Deutsche Bank, Meggitt and The Lawyer to discuss what the digital transformation journey looks like for organisations and their legal teams, exploring the ways in which it’s made processes much easier and more efficient.

  • What does digital transformation look like for legal teams?

  • Tech and digital transformation can be overwhelming, particularly for those only just starting on this journey. What are the main trends in this area and where should legal teams focus their efforts?

  • How are legal functions measuring ROI? What factors are they basing their strategy and investment on?

  • What role are cloud and cloud-based solutions playing in speeding up digital transformation?

  • Is true digital transformation still possible without the cloud?


  • Dan Puterbaugh, Director of Product, IP & Regulatory Affairs at DocuSign

  • Simon Ferres, Chief Information Officer Legal at Deutsche Bank

  • Barry Matthews, SVP General Counsel & Director of Government Relations (UK & EMEA) at Meggitt

  • Richard Simmons, Features Editor at The Lawyer