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2023 Digital Maturity Report

This report explores the digital maturity of European organisations. It benchmarks attitudes and perceptions of 1,800 business decision makers in France, Germany, and the UK & Ireland looking at the challenges, attitudes and opportunities around evolving digital strategies when it comes to delivering the new future of work.

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Here’s some of what was revealed

The report illustrates how it’s vital organisations place an emphasis on digital maturity and provide employees access to the right tools and the right training — in turn, driving retention of key talent.

  • Digital maturity is a conduit to a more engaged workforce

    1-in-4 decision makers would consider moving roles due to frustration with systems, processes or ways of working.

  • Outdated manual processes and tools are restricting time to value

    European business decision makers spend a disproportionate amount of time (12 hrs a week) undertaking non-value, repetitive tasks.

  • Organisations recognise the need for training and upskilling

    65% already recognise they have a skills gap within their operations, and 45% are making reskilling, upskilling and training talent a top strategy.



2023 Digital Maturity Report Highlights

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Want to learn more about companies' digital maturity in the UK and Ireland, France and Germany?

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