• 2.5M

    sheets of paper saved

The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited, along with its subsidiaries, is the largest mutual life, pensions and investment company in the UK. 

As a mutual, Royal London doesn't deal with external shareholders, meaning that they can focus solely on making decisions based on their customers needs—to drive better value and higher levels of service.

With DocuSign eSignature, Royal London has not only improved the signing and overall customer experience, it has also enabled Royal London to save over 2.5 million sheets of paper - supporting them on their mission to go green.

Use of electronic signatures is adopted throughout Royal London

In 2014, Royal London partnered with DocuSign and adopted eSignature to replace a paper based manual signing process, heavily reliant on emails and physical storage solutions. 

Since its initial implementation, the use and adoption of eSignature has expanded across departments where opportunities were identified to create a more efficient signing process.  Today, most documents that require signing by Royal London and its customers are now facilitated and obtained electronically via DocuSign eSignature. Royal London is currently using DocuSign eSignature across various business areas, including its back-office functions and customer proposition teams. 

eSignature provides better signing experience and enhanced visibility 

The adoption of eSignature has created a simpler, more efficient experience for Royal London and enabled them to work in a more agile way which is better equipped to meet the needs of the modern consumer. As an organisation that has multiple offices across the UK and Ireland, DocuSign helps to overcome any geographical challenges that exist and encourages better collaboration between individuals and teams working remotely. This point proved even more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic when more traditional methods of obtaining signature were no longer feasible.  

The adoption of electronic signature has provided benefits in security, workflow, data reporting and compliance. Automating the signing process creates a seamless workflow, significantly reducing end-to-end contract turnaround times. In 2021, Royal London sent over 12,000 envelopes with DocuSign.

Partnering with organisations who prioritise sustainability

Royal London is a purpose-driven mutual. Their purpose: 'Protecting today, investing in tomorrow. Together, we're mutually responsible' lies at the heart of everything they do and this is evident in their commitment to becoming a more sustainable organisation.

Royal London is committed to improving their own impact on climate change having set a number of climate pledges, including: 

  • Net zero in direct operational energy use by 2030 (carbon neutrality achieved from 2020)
  • 60% reduction in gas emissions and company cars by 2025
  • Purchase 100% renewables for electricity - achieved in 2021
  • 90% reduction of internal paper usage by 2025

Joanna Walker, Royal London’s Group Environment and Sustainability Manager, said:

“At Royal London we want to build a future worth living in. Partnering with organisations who prioritise sustainability like DocuSign not only helps us to achieve our paper reduction targets, but also supports our focus on tackling our supply chain emissions.” 

‘’DocuSign is committed to being carbon neutral by 2022 and net zero no later than 2050 - and since 2003, we have helped customers replace over 38 billion sheets of paper with digital agreement processes’’ Peter Mackie, Enterprise Customer Success Manager at DocuSign.

Partnering with DocuSign directly helps Royal London to reduce its impact on the environment and reach its target of 90% internal paper reduction. In 2021, Royal London has saved 2.5M sheets of paper by using DocuSign eSignature.