Recognising The Innovative Ways Customers are Building Smarter, Easier Workflows

The winners of the Docusign Customer Awards are organisations that have made significant progress and seen success in finding smarter, easier ways for people to come together and agree. 

We received more than 100 nominations from 21 countries. We received success stories from companies from many industries and of all sizes, and these stories stood out to our judges for their innovation, best-practice Docusign implementation, and business impact. 

Congratulations to our 2023 EMEA award winners! 

  • IKEA - Digital Transformation 
  • Schneider Electric - Impact 
  • DLA Piper - Change Champions 
  • Konica Minolta - Change Champions 

Hear about their initiatives and success in their own words.

Digital Transformation

This award recognises customers who have embraced digital transformation and implemented Docusign solutions in ways that have significantly improved business processes. Winners demonstrated a commitment to leveraging technology to drive significant business change and value.


“At IKEA our vision is ‘to create a better everyday life for the many people.’ We believe smart use of technology can improve the lives of our coworkers and our wider business community. We started with about 200 people who used Docusign across a handful of teams. Today there are over two thousand co-workers across over two hundred teams using Docusign in every major market we operate in. We wanted to highlight the work we've done with our People & Culture (HR) teams that has improved the everyday experiences of our candidates, co-workers and team leaders in our stores. We achieved this by constantly innovating and thinking creatively about how we can use Docusign across many different business processes.” 


This category recognises customers who are redefining how people come together and agree. These organisations lead by example and demonstrate how they’re positively impacting their organisation, community or the world.

Schneider Electric

“Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation. Our technologies help us all become more efficient, reduce costs, and meet our sustainability goals. Sustainability is at the core of our purpose and culture, so we wanted to find a way to simplify and standardise HR operations across 100+ countries for our 135,000+ employees which also helped us be less reliant on paper. From the time employees are hired to the day they retire, there is a lot of documentation, that includes employment contracts, performance reviews, confidentiality agreements, transfer requests and dozens of onboarding tasks. Trying to manage it all in an efficient way was a challenge. We integrated eSignature and CLM with our core HR system to streamline the employee experience. The whole process is more efficient and we have reduced our dependency on paper forms which supports our ESG efforts.” 

Change Champions

These organisations have gone above and beyond to champion the use of new technology with employees or customers and have created change management or training programs. Winners demonstrate commitment to driving adoption and ensuring employees and stakeholders fully leverage the power of Docusign solutions. 

DLA Piper

“DLA Piper provides our clients legal and commercial insights to help them succeed. Docusign has revolutionised how we offer legal services to clients. Our lawyers often relied upon cumbersome manual in-person signing processes at large expense. Now we have established a Docusign Centre of Excellence in our Legal Delivery Centre with over 40 paralegal Docusign experts across the UK and Australia sending out envelopes on behalf of our entire international business. On top of this, we have over 150 individuals using Docusign to self-serve on their own transactions. We use the full suite of eIDAS signatures across 12 jurisdictions regularly. We have a 3-year plan to expand our Docusign service globally to allow all our lawyers the ability to self-serve. For large parts of our business, Docusign is an integral part of the way we execute our agreements, which illustrates astounding growth and transformation in just 5 short years.”

Konica Minolta

“At Konica Minolta we’ve always done things differently, from our cameras helping capture the world from space for the first time, to developing the world’s first finger-measurement pulse oximeter. We’re innovation obsessed, constantly refining and improving the way the world works across the technology, healthcare and imaging industries. Together we believe we can work ever smarter to provide answers to the challenges of tomorrow. We introduced Docusign eSignature as a pan-European digital signature solution in 26 countries. Now we are integrating Docusign into our CRM system in order to digitise the offer processes in all countries right through to the end customer. With the introduction of DS, we initially expect an extreme gain in time, which is no longer needed to print, send or post documents. It will be a considerable relief for our salespeople.”

Congrats again to all of our winners. Your progress and success in finding smarter, easier ways for people to come together and agree is inspiring. 

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