Modernise your system of agreement with Docusign and SAP

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Are you an SAP customer? If so, you can use our pre-built integrations for electronic signatures within the SAP products you use every day. Our SAP Signature Management gives you the ability to transform your business by performing critical transactions online, safely and securely. It's one integration that’s really at the forefront of today’s technology revolution.

Go 100% digital and automate your end-to-end agreement processes

Docusign and SAP have been long-time partners, both helping customers in the enterprise space to connect and automate their agreement processes across HR, procurement and sales departments. The integration allows businesses of all industries, sizes, and geography to go 100% digital. SAP knows first-hand the ROI its customers see from our leading eSignature solution.

The first integration with Docusign was for SAP Ariba and has since expanded to other SAP products including SuccessFactors, Customer Experience, Fieldglass, and most recently, the SAP ERP Central Component (ECC).  Docusign officially became an SAP Solution Extension (SOLEX) partner in 2015.  As part of that agreement, SAP resells Docusign eSignature as “SAP Signature Management by Docusign.”

If you’re an SAP customer, you can reap the benefits of using pre-built Docusign integrations for electronic signatures.

Here, we reveal a few benefits of using Docusign and SAP.

Benefits of using Docusign and SAP

The Docusign and SAP integration can help you reduce risk, enhance compliance and make time, money and paper savings. It can also help to make your team more productive while improving administration work and expanding mobile accessibility.

This product is deployed in the cloud and is available as software as a service (SaaS). This means you can access your software from any web browser.

Options for SAP Ariba Contract Management and Contract Lifecycle Management

Looking for more efficient finance and procurement processes? Use signature management for contracts and sign on any device.

Options for SAP SuccessFactors

A great opportunity to streamline your HR processes, from hire to retire. Improve your onboarding experiences by linking up with the SAP signature management function.

Options for SAP Fieldglass

This option allows managers, candidates, and other stakeholders to provide safe, legally binding signatures.

Options for SAP Customer Experience

Find a way to simplify your digital sales, marketing, and commerce processes with signature management.

modernise your system of agreement with Docusign and SAP

Learn more about how we can help you accelerate your agreement process with the Docusign and SAP partnership today.

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