Technology in the Legal Sector - legal tech solutions are your biggest ally

All organisations need to prepare for digital transformation and a future with new technology. Legal technology solutions are providing opportunities for lawyers to leverage efficiency and better results already. The British Government’s independent legal adviser has already issued guidance stating that e-signatures can be treated as an equivalent of written one’s. According to the Law Commission, a typed name or click of a button as just as valid as a traditional wet signature. 

Technology could be the largest ally for the legal sector as the adoption of new legal tech could provide both increased security and more efficient processes. In this blog, we discover some of the ways that Docusign can help legal departments. Here are some of the benefits of Docusign eSignature for legal:

Mobility, practicality and efficiency

To begin with, imagine a routine in which your contract folder does not have to walk around with you all day – in fact, it does not even have to physically exist. The ability to sign a document using any mobile device anywhere in the world not only makes things quicker but also saves you from wasting important time tracking down the signatories.

What’s more, instead of stacking paper on your desk, all the contracts you need will be one click away, stored in the cloud, and accessible at any time. All documents are archived on a single platform under bank-grade encryption standards and with an intuitive search system. 

Tracking and control of documents

Any action taken with a document, from the entry of a new electronic signature to the addition of a clause, can be mapped. With Docusign eSignature, you can control the standardisation of forms and prevent unauthorised editing of your contracts.

For each process, an audit trail is generated, guaranteeing the legal validity of contracts and signatures. Audit logs have date and time stamps, authentication methods and certificates, and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of documents.

Protection of information

Information security and personal data breaches are a constant concern for legal directors and CLOs. Docusign limits the common vulnerabilities of traditional processes. All documents are covered with strict information security standards within the platform to attest to the security and confidentiality of your content, whether it contains employee, customer, and partner data or other sensitive information. Considering that legal sectors are defenders of information security within companies, adopting document encryption technologies helps not only to protect confidential and sensitive data but to reinforce that a department’s reputation.

Agility and efficiency

Being able to finalise contracts and close processes quickly is crucial to achieving and maintaining success for the legal sector, especially when engaging in multiple tasks and cases at the same time (which is certainly a common scenario). Docusign eSignature provides faster and more productive processes, as well as improving the experience of the signatories, without losing the formality and legal value of each action.

Want to know more about the immediate benefits of digital solutions? Read our e-book: A Guide to Docusign eSignature for Legal or contact us to speak to an expert.